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Feb 17, 2009 09:02 AM

Dottie's in Hyde Park

Does anyone have any info on if and when the new Dottie's in Hyde Park will start opening for dinner? I love 224 and would like to see something like that in the Dottie's space

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  1. i meant to ask when i was there this weekend, but forgot.

    food was good. their homemade sausage patty is very good, peppery and flavorful, but I feel like it could use a little more fat. pancakes were nice and crispy around the edges, soft in the middle - why can't i make them like that at home?

    looks like they have a good selection of smallish brewery beers (gearys, smuttynose, etc.), and the new manager and waitstaff was great. next time i'll have to try their burger and homefries.

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    1. re: baconodka

      Are they open for just Breakfast and lunch as they use to be?

      1. re: gardgen

        right now just breakfast and lunch, but my understanding is that they're opening for dinner at some point soon.

    2. Hi HP12

      Are you saying 224 Boston is coming to HP?

      1. Ate breakfast Saturday morning. They don't open until 9:00. Waited outside for 15 minutes... Their staff was arriving as we did. The restaurant was freezing, we are breakfast with out coats on. Waited 15 minutes for coffee to be served, 45 minutes for our food to arrive. Food was cold. We ordered pork hash.. nothing more than side order of potatoes with yesterdays dried up pork roast chunks in it. My over easy egg cooked through, Mom's poached egg ok but only one on her plate not the two promised. Toast absolutely cold and dry not buttered and no butter served on table, but it wouldn't have mattered because it wouldn't have spread.

        Dad had the quessidilla (sp?) was really an egg buritto, hardly anything to hold it together, not put on the grille...

        I have eatten often at 224 and enjoyed it, I find it hard to believe this is the 224 people based on the quality of food. This was a $33 breakfast for 3 people. I will try them again in a month if they are still there. PS they asked how it was and we were honest with out server whos reply was "oh that's too bad...".

        1. I can't stand going out for breakfast, yet somehow I've ended up here at The Hyde twice now, and can't help but want to be a regular despite it being nowhere near my nabe.

          Corned beef hash, requested extra-crispy, was of the chunky variety, yet still managed to get a good crust and not dry out the CB, which was good & salty, tender and crisp all at once, a great bed for perfectly poached oeufs. Housemade sausage patty aggressively spiced and saged, but agree with baconodka below, could use a bit more juice.

          The burger is particularly worthy of note; a half-pounder, hand-formed fresh patty of rich beefy steer from some local farm worth mentioning on the menu (can't remember the name). I'm usually skeptical of large-weight burgs of the diner-style (prefer the smaller 1930's style), and this one I figured would've probably been better off with a kiss of wood-fire instead of the flattop, but it was hard to argue with the excellently crusted, med-rare monster that came out soaking the sturdy bulkie roll in potently rich beef juice. A righteous, top-notch burger.

          Dinner is now being offered, nothing that jumped out at me on the menu, this seems more like a breakfast-brunch-lunch spot.

          Not sure if they have a market that'll fancy their farm-fresh locavore bent, but it would be nice to see the good guys succeed.

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          1. re: Nab

            My wife and I ate there last night and had a great experience. I'll echo the comment above about the burger, it was very good (I think it was Meyer's farm?). The standout was the appetizer of grilled brie with jam and crostinis. That was quite good. They also have a small but well thought out beer selection (which is a necessity for me :-)) They have Allagash White (one of the best breweries in the world, in my opinion) and Brooklyn lager. I believe I also remember Dogfish and Geary's but I wasn't listening much past Allagash.

            The staff was very friendly and it's definitely a place we will go to regularly, especially since we live within walking distance. We are so grateful to now have The Hyde and Townsends within walking distance.

            1. re: Nab

              Back at The Hyde, and pleasantly sucked into the daily special of blackened ahi tuna eggs benny. Delicate dish executed well, I appreciated the crisp muffin, topped by mildly blackened rare tuna that played well with the eggs and lemony hollandaise. Washed down with a Geary's and Wachusett IPA, it's a winning breakfast.