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Feb 17, 2009 09:01 AM

dinner/lounge gathering for 15-20..??

looking for a place midweek for a small gathering of 15-20 people where we people the guests can not show at a specified time.. for example one girl can make it at 8:30p, some can come at 7p while others can't come until after 8p, etc. would like nice setting but good food for those who are expecting to eat dinner. some places don't seat you until all the guests arrive and so i face a dilemma finding the perfect restaurant.

need help asap.. this is for next week!!

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  1. I dont think any restaurants will sit you with people showing up an hour to an hour and a half later than others.

    1. PS 450 has a back room that I'm pretty sure you can reserve if you guarantee you'll be spending a certain amount. Your guests can come & go as they please, and the food's mostly snack-size. If you're looking for top quality, this ain't it, but it's perfectly edible and not that expensive.

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        thank you so much!! i did book with this place and they were awesome! they did not ask for me to guarantee them a certain amount to be spent though. we stayed from 7:30p to 10:30pm last night with friends arriving from 7:30 to 9p and the waitress lucy was very nice to us, introducing us the half priced appetizers and drinks before 8p and approaching those who entered the party individually for what they want to drink. we ordered appetizers throughout the night. Our party of 14 had such a great time. the subwoofer was right next to us so we couldn't hear each other talk they were kind enough to lower the base of the music. .. and yeah.. Great music too! Food was decent, snack size and good enough for our drinks. We would come here again! thanks again!

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          I'm so glad it worked out for you. I do remember the staff being very accommodating at the birthday dinner I hosted there a while back, even though we were a loud and unruly group - thanks, half price drinks! And I appreciate your reporting back.

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          Sptizers maybe. or rent space at Tribeca Cinema , with their catering and they have a big bar. I think you can rent for 4 hours .