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Feb 17, 2009 08:33 AM

2 nights in Washington DC - need 2 great trendy restos

I am going to DC end of March, and have only 2 nights to sample the best the city has to offer.
I am looking for great food, great wine list, trendy fun place with a good vibe, for the 30 to 45 crowd.


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  1. proof: amazing food, 77-page wine list (obviously also amazing) and is definitely trendy. i think this is probably exactly what you're looking for.

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    1. re: littlew1ng

      Proof is good. I would also add Central, Brasserie Beck and PS7 to your list. All these restaurants have vibrant atmosphere without losing the adult-factor and delicious menus.

      I also hear good things about City Zen but personally have never been.

    2. So we can help you out, what kind of cuisines do you like and where are you from?

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      1. re: Jacey

        I am from Montreal, so I like everything! but we do French bistro very well in my town, so I would like to try something else....

      2. I second Proof and would perhaps also add The Source for the 2nd night.

        1. Redwood in Bethesda, Proof and Zola in Chinatown and BLT and Bras Beck downtown.

          1. If you provide me/us with a little more information, we can definitely recommend some great places. What is your budget? Does location/metro matter? If so, what area are you looking for?
            What type of food are you looking for (i.e., Italian, American, Asian, French, etc.)?

            A few of my favorite places that come to mind when I hear great food, great wine list, and trendy include:
            Proof, Oya, Westend Bistro, Central, Blue Duck Tavern, Zengo, Rasika, and CityZen.

            Again, give us some more info, and we'll be able to narrow some down.

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            1. re: joann.hill12

              I would also add Founding Farmers and Granville Moore's (for mussels & frites.) While Granville Moore's itself is not "Trendy" it is certainly edgy and cool-and the people I saw there were trendy. The recs I agree most with are; Proof, Zengo, Rasika,
              Brasserie Beck, Central. From my personal experiences, I was not thrilled with both Redwood in Bethesda or Blue Duck Tavern. They were not bad-I just think you can do better. Have fun!

              1. re: chicken kabob

                Yes, totally forgot about Founding Farmers! Love, love, love that of my current favorites! Also really like Granville Moore's but if I was only in town for 2 nights, not sure if that would be my top choice.
                And yes, someone recommended the Source...great suggestion! Great food, wine, and very trendy.
                Haven't tried Redwood yet...but BDT is one of my favorites.

                1. re: chicken kabob

                  I would be very careful about Founding Fathers if you only have a few meals here. People on this board, as well as Yelp, have VERY mixed reviews about the place. Service is also a problem.

                  1. re: Jacey

                    This is a bit surprising...I've been there on 3 different occasions and have only had wonderful experiences. From the flatbreads, to the sliders, to the chicken pot pie, everything I've had has been great. I've also only had great service.
                    The only thing that was not fabulous was the wine. Good, but not great.