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Feb 17, 2009 08:31 AM

Dinner w/a chef, what do you bring?

I'll be visiting an old classmate in May. He's an exec. chef. Um, what can I bring, that won't offend? I keep thinking we can bring a bottle of wine, but if he's cooking, he'll probably know what is best (to drink, I wouldn't, I don't drink). So, w/o offending his good taste in food, what would you bring?


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  1. A blooming orchid plant.

      1. A shot in the dark. Gunter Wilhelm makes a series of knives they call "Executive Chef". I have one. Very pretty knife with good steel and not overly expensive.

        1. I'll second neverlate's suggestion of a blooming orchid or other very nice living plant. A bottle of wine would be nice as well, it is a gift to your host not a drink for a pot luck, if he wants to serve it he will, if not it is his to drink whenever he wants - go to a nice/reputable wine store and ask for suggestions.

          1. Thanks everyone. I'll be in Hawaii, so an orchid may seem like a great choice (lots of variety and choices). And I never thought about wine being a gift, not something to have to open for dinner. Definitely a good thought and he can enjoy that with his gf. As for the knives, I don't think I would, only because I can only imagine how personal a knife is to a chef (heck, I'm an admin, and when I check out laptops, all I care about first and foremost is if I can type easily or not, lol). Great ideas. Thank you!