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Feb 17, 2009 08:28 AM

Casual w/ excellent wine list?

Hello Boston -
I'm entertaining a couple of chefs in Boston on Friday March 13th, total group is 4 people. They are interested in a restaurant with a great wine list, casual (maybe trendy) & fun atmosphere. They love the "comfort food" or bistro menu, often avoiding anything too out there. They like the South End, simply because of the absence of chains, neighborhood feel, etc.. Would any other area qualify? If it helps, we are staying at the Liberty Hotel for 4 days.
I have some starting suggestions, would love your feedback or other ideas!
Toro Boston
Craigie on Main (Cambridge might be too far?)

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  1. How about Bin 26 Enoteca? It's on Charles St, very close to your hotel and offers a casual atmosphere, good food, and a stellar wine list, including many great options by the glass.

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    1. re: bostonbelle

      I totally agree with Bostonbelle - you should go to Bin 26 Enoteca.

      1. re: Delhiwala

        A 3rd opinion -- Bin 26 Enoteca sounds like a perfect fit. I love that place.

        1. re: SpicyTea

          4th! I saw the title -hadnt even read what you were asking for and immediately thought of Bin :-)

    2. Silvertone?

      Not the South End, but meets all of your other requirements.

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        1. If you check out Google Maps, you will find that Craigie on Main is right over the Longfellow Bridge from the Liberty (a short subway ride to Central Sq or an equally short cab ride). Central Sq is a fun 'hood - Central Kitchen, Cuchi Cuchi, Rendezvous, River Gods, Middlesex Lounge, and Green Street Grill can all be found within easy walking distance.

          1. 3 rec's has to be a winner. Bin 26 Enoteca it is, thanks to all who helped.
            Digga -
            Thanks for the summary of the area with Craigie, I'm adding this to my list of areas to explore...nice to know it's close!