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Feb 17, 2009 08:24 AM

St. Paul Trader Joe's

Anybody got a line on when the new St. Paul location will be open?

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  1. at the woodbury store a few weeks ago all i could get out of the guy was "sometime later this year". after driving by a few days ago i want to say it cant be that far off -the buildings look pretty much up its just a question of when they get everything else ready - not soon enough is the best answer i can give.

    1. I keep asking the same question. I am dying for this place to open. A friend told me he'd heard June when he inquired at the Maple Grove location. Don't ask me who he'd asked or why that person would necessarily know. I agree, it looks like it's up.

      1. I asked a Trader Joe's Crew Member this weekend when the St Paul location will open and I was told June or July.

        : D

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        1. re: lammoreaux

          Okay so that means "in the fall." It was supposed to open in January originally, so I interpreted that to mean March or April. Urgh.

          1. I initially heard March but now I am hearing June. It is right in my neighborhood and definitely doesn't look ready for March occupancy, IMO.

            1. Drove by today. No work has been done in a while, and looks like there is a "for lease" sign in the window.


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              1. re: Brad Ballinger


                I don't know your basis for "no work has been done in a while." I drive by a few mornings a weeks and I can tell you that work has been rapidly progressing on the new store. Lots of interior finish of late.


                1. re: SuperClydesdale

                  Glad to hear it. I drive by frequently, and it just seemed to me that little had been done. But I've been wrong before and will be again.