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Momofoku Milk Bar

I stopped by for the first time on Saturday afternoon and tried the Fruity Pebbles Frozen Yogurt. Longing for some childhood nostalgia, I think this miss the mark by a bit. It was good, don't get me wrong, but wasn't amazing and I would have rather had a bowl of fruity pebbles. Plus, $4 for a small cup is just ridiculous. Up there with Grom prices.

I didn't try the cakes or anything else, but it looked good. Will make a trip back, but will forgo the frozen yogurt.

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  1. i like to get the pork buns with egg and the corn cookies. Makes a nice little meal.

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      I love the corn cookies too! It seems to be less mentioned on the board, but it is my favorite cookie among all at the Milk Bar

      1. re: kobetobiko

        What does the corn cookie taste like?

          1. re: ellenost

            like a really delicious, super-corn tasting, corn muffin top.

      2. The Volcano is great. A heartattack on a plate, but well worth it. A large roll like piece of bread filled with cheese, bacon, potato and pork...yum! The Dulce de Leche cake is also good.

        1. Fruity Pebbles yougurt sounds awesomeeeeeeee. I really love how the Momofuku Dairy bar seems to invent lots of awesome and atypical flavor combinations can't wait to hit it up big time.

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            They also had cap n' crunch and lucky charms flavor.

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              I know, 4 flavors: Cereal (basically cornflake flavor), cap n' cruch, lucky charms, and pebble fruits. They sound so intriguing! I want to try all 4 of them.

              Anyone tried and have a favorite?

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                Wait... I thought the cereal is a milk flavor not yogurt..

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                  It's a new yogurt flavor - Cereal Flavor.

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                    Cereal milk is corn-flakes flavored. I think they got the flavors right, but still can't get over the icy texture

          2. Correct -- it is both. You can order cereal milk (liquid) by the glass. Or you can order it as a soft serve flavor. Technically all four cereal soft serve flavors were created by steeping cereal in milk, and then using the resulting milk to make the soft serve.

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              Wow sounds awesome. I am a huge cereal lover I gotta get over there.

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                I was curious if that is how it was made because that is indeed what it tastes like. But, instead of spending $4 for what is probably about 6oz, you can buy a whole box of Fruity pebbles or Cap n' Crunch and same milk and do the same thing.

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                  Yes, that is the basic technique. Toast cereal, steep in milk, strain, and then add a little sugar and salt ... then make that into soft serve.

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                    "But, instead of spending $4 for what is probably about 6oz, you can buy a whole box of Fruity pebbles or Cap n' Crunch and same milk and do the same thing."

                    True but what fun is that????

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                      I think it's fun (or sad) to be in my late 20's, sitting around eating a nice bowl of fruity pebbles.

                2. You gotta try the carrot cake if they have it - I've tried a large majority of their stuff (I've been like 10 times since it opened) - and that is by far the best carrot cake ever.

                  1. Wow - I'm going over after work...I'm trying to narrow down what I want!

                    I have never been so Def Pork bun, then it's between the Eng. muffin and the volcano...
                    I want to try the Cat'n crunch soft serve and maybe a cookie or a pie....
                    This sounds great: cinnamon bun pie - served warm! brown butter, cheesecake filing
                    Can't wait!
                    Any suggestions?

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                      The english muffin usually sells out. They don't have the volcano all the time, either. Most of the cookies and pies they have all the time. Cakes they usually have 3-4 varieties available, and those rotate on a daily basis.

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                        Don't set your sights on a particular non-dessert item as many tend to sell out and you may be disappointed. The only exception is the pork buns, they always have them. My preference for non-soft serve dessert is the crack pie. I wasn't a big fan of the candy bar pie.

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                          had the volcano, finally, the other day and it was delicious. I've been going since their soft opening and constantly get amazed with how good Christina Tosi (the pastry chef) is with desserts. It's amazing how young she is...if only the desserts weren't so bad for you!

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                            Thanks guys - the weather was horrible so I skipped it last night ..But I'm headed there tonight!
                            Thanks for the tip about not having my heart set an anything.. I'll decide when I get there!


                        2. I went last week for my first time and feeling overwhelmed I only picked up a few cookies: corn, rice krispy and compost. Then I was underwhelmed. Really each cookie just tasted like butter. The corn and krisy were tasty at first but after a few bites I couldn't eat anymore, and I just didn't like the third at all. I am willing to go back and try the savory or soft serve, but I do feel a bit that the place is all hype.

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                            get the compost cookie, one of the best cookies I've ever had.

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                              Ginsbera - can you describe the compost?
                              Is that the one with cornflakes and pretzels??
                              Is it sweet and yet salty too?

                              1. re: NellyNel

                                There is a cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate chip cookie. That is different from the compost cookie. The compost cookie has potato chips, pretzels, coffee grounds, chocolate chips, graham crumbs, and butterscotch chips. No cornflakes or marshmallow in the compost cookie.

                                1. re: kathryn

                                  Gosh - the coffe grinds kind of put me off -
                                  I like sweet and salty mixed - but not everything but the kitchen sink!!

                                  1. re: NellyNel

                                    The cornflake/marsh/choco-chip cookie is good, but if you eat more than half, your teeth may begin throbbing due to sugar-shock. I do love the place, but maybe its best to eat everything over a couple of days (cookies, cake and pie) instead of what I did...Finished a slice of candy-bar pie and the cookie in one sitting.


                                    1. re: LeahBaila

                                      the combination of ingredients is wonderful. I don't have a huge sweet tooth, but can easily put down one of those Compost cookies and feel fine.

                                2. re: NellyNel

                                  I liked the cornflake cookie better than the compost. Both were similar and quite salty, but I like salty desserts. My traditionalist husband found both of them tasted too much like butter.

                            2. The soft serve is ICE CREAM, not frozen yogurt!

                              If you don't know the difference, it's no wonder you didn't like it.

                              I tried the Fruity Pebbles soft serve this past weekend, and it is amazing!

                              1. The Cinnamon Bun Pie is a dream come true. I keep thinking about it! I've tried three milkshakes with different ice cream flavors - Chocolate Malt, Root Beer Float, and Fruity Pebbles. The Chocolate Malt ice cream was my favorite of the three.

                                I live 10 blocks away and it's becoming such a bad habit I think they need to start Momofuku rehab.

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                                  Okay, I'm intrigued (also hungry); what's in the Cinnamon Bun Pie? Sounds yummy.

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                                    Imagine the bun part of a cinnamon bun as the pie "crust" and the topping part (cream cheese, cinnamon, glaze) as the "filling" of the pie.

                                    1. re: kathryn

                                      Here are some pics for everyone to see what it looks like.... And it looks amazing..


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                                        I think I need to make a visit real soon! Sounds divine! Actually, many of their offerings sound wonderful. I'm a big fan of Ko (haven't tried the other restaurants yet), and Ko had what they called the "butter bomb" that I think they should sell at the Milk Bar too--it was one of the best things I've ever tasted. Too bad they took it off the lunch menu. They now offer a bagel stuffed with cream cheese and bacon--also yummy. The Milk Bar would make more of a fortune if they added these to their menu.

                                          1. re: NellyNel

                                            It was a little twist bun that had a pat of butter baked into it (or so it seemed). It was very rich tasting, and I'll miss it alot!

                                    2. re: elyseNY

                                      Cinnamon Bun Pie sounds amazing.

                                    3. I tried the captain crunch milk soft serve. It tastes exactly like the milk in the bottom of the bowl after you've finished your cereal. Only problem is that it was super sweet and I never liked captain crunch that much...

                                      1. I was there on Sunday and after waiting on a very long but friendly line and helped by a very friendly server I asked for a taste of the marshmellow cereal milk ice cream.
                                        It was a very pale green and was so sickeningly sweet that I gagged and immediately tossed it. Perhaps the worst tasting thing I've ever tried.
                                        We also tried the crack pie. So rich that one bite is enough and looked like my 5 year old made it!
                                        The compost cookie had some strange orange colored bits in it that were undistinguishable?? Anyone know what they are.
                                        I could live on sweets but not on these. Next time I go I will try the candy bar pie.
                                        That looked amazing!!

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                                          "...marshmellow cereal milk ice cream ... immediately tossed it. Perhaps the worst tasting thing I've ever tried...
                                          "crack pie ... one bite is enough
                                          "compost cookie had some strange orange colored bits in it that were undistinguishable??
                                          "I could live on sweets but not on these."

                                          Most posters have either liked the sweets here and come back for more or don't like them and don't return. Because of the positive reviews of posters I usually agree with I came back after one so so try. On the second trip I again found the stuff to be more salt and sugar than I could enjoy, so I gave up. I wish I had your stick to it.

                                        2. I have to agree that the corn cookie is awesome and the cinnamon bun pie is really nice. I also tried the lime cake. It was not limey enough, 2 of the cake layers were filled with a graham and cream filling. The lime was only on the top. I wish one more layer of lime had been added to the cake.

                                          1. I went to the Milk Bar for the first time tonight, with a friend. We shared a slice apiece of the Arnold Palmer and dulce de leche cakes. The Arnold Palmer cake was interesting, with the strong black tea taste, but the dulce de leche cake was absolutely wonderful! And at $5 a slice, the price is right. Now that I've gone once, I'll have to have self-control not to go again too often!