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How to cook thin bone-in pork chops not on the grill?

We're using a friend's place and I'm trying to avoid "befouling" their grill and then having to clean it before we leave. I bought some thin bone-in pork chops the other day and normally would have rubbed with oil, seasoned and thrown on the grill for a few minutes. Not sure what to do with these. I've had chops like this for breakfast at restaurants where it appeared that they had a thin flour coating and were pan-fried. I could also do, I suppose, some type of something in the oven. Could I possibly be more vague??? Any suggestions would be appreciated. These really need to be cooked tonight as they've been languishing in the fridge while I've pondered this for a few days. Thanks all.
Edit: I'll add that I do have a bag of panko bread crumbs.

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  1. You certainly could dredge them in cornmeal or flour and panfry.

    But using the "Upside-down Grill" - the oven's broiler will make them just like on the grill. For best results use a baking sheet with a wire racks so the fats drain away. Put the oven rack on the top, or next down position, and grill away!

    1. Hi C oliver, How about pork milanese? I love that with a little squirt of lemon. I mix parmesan with the breadcrumbs also.

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        Yum. There was a thread a while back about which meat - beef or pork - is your favorite. I love both but, due to its versatility, I'd probably go for pork.

      2. How about smothered pork chops? They're good on a cold winter night.

        1. Season and pan-fry (preferrably with a cast-iron pan if you have one).

          1. I would score the edges with a knife so then pan seared they do not curl. Then dredge is a good seasoned flour, thyme rosemary and salt and pepper. Dip in egg first I would, but just a light dusting of flour. Then after pan seared in butter and a mix of olive oil on one side, flip and then return to the oven just for a couple of minutes to finish. Don't go too long. Remove the pork and bring the pan to the stove. Now lets make a great sauce. My favorite. Sliced shallots or onion, garlic, some fresh thyme to bring back the same flavor, white wine, sliced mushrooms, cream and a dash of cognac if you have it. Just add the shallots, garlic and mushrooms and cook 3-4 minutes, then add some flour to begin the roux, then add the wine and cognac and seasoning, cook another minutes and then add some cream or milk. Cook and it will make a creamy sauce over the pork. It is a great dish and I buy pre sliced mushrooms, not to make it harder than it is and the whole sauce takes just minutes. I like to serve over a good wild rice. One of my favorites with this.

            Or ...

            Lightly flour with lots of seasoning and oven fry and then serve with a spicy scallion, mustard sour cream sauce

            Or ...

            Pan seared with capers, lemon white wine and butter, parsley and served over angel hair pasta and some sauteed portabellos and roasted onion in a balsamic glaze.

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              I think I'll select Door #1 :) I have most of the ingredients and can pick up a couple of things. We're actually staying at our friends' house which is next door to ours! Ours is being used as part of a house exchange that began last fall. (Long story)

              Do I remember that you and you "kid" like to rock climb? Daughter #1 and SIL are avid climbers and lived here for a oouple of years. Y'all should come, climb during the day and you and I could cook at night :) SW has good fares.

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                I love to climb, my son has, doesn't any more but I think he still likes it. I don't remember saying that ... but who knows. Sometimes very late at night, :) Love to climb. SW great fares. Hoping to go to Tahoe this year but economy doesn't allow. You wash dishes I cook, lol. Nice that you guy climb. I bet you have fun.

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                  I know what you mean about economy. We're staying home. Door is open. *WE* don't climb. Kids do. I'm terrified of heights - even a chair lift so no skiing for me either :( I'll keep my yellow rubber gloves handing for washing up. I'll make that deal with you all day long :)

                  Just back from picking up a shallot and some 'shrooms. We've been here since Sunday and have been kinda half a**ing it. Which is nice sometimes also.

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                    LOL, I hate the chairlifts and hate heights ... but love to ski. Jeeze love to cook hate dishes, on the other hand love to do yard work any day, hate to wash clothes. Love to fish ... I can clean fish but would rather not ... see a pattern forming :)

                    Enjoy the day!

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                    Actually you mentioned climbing, I believe, in the "disussion" on cloth napkins :)

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                      Probably, just didn't remember ... good memory, I'm impressed ... I do remember the cloth discussion. I still hate cloth, LOL, except on certain occassions :) I haven't climbed in almost a year with a rib injury, but looking forward to getting back out again hopefully this month.

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                  Okay, a couple of details please. After searing on one side, do I actually sear on the other side or just flip and let the oven do that part? Oven - 350? Really just a couple of minutes? If so, why not just on top of stove? Re the sauce, 1/2 cup-ish of wine? Now, don't you wish you'd just come here and cooked it yourself? See, I'm a recipe follower at least the first time through :) Thanks a mil, k.

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                    I sear one side on high, so it crusts well and quick then flip and move to the oven. Just a couple of minutes on the first side and probably 3-4 on the second if that. Depends on the thickness. My oven may run hot 350 most probably 400, that is what my good oven temps was. You can use the stove. I just love the oven for it. Even or works, I have done both.

                    After dredging cook in butter and olive oil once done remove the pork and cover to set ... No I do the veggies a couple different ways, basically like I mentioned before veggies, then flour then the wine and cognac to deglaze and make a sauce ... remove add cream and season.

                    Yes you were right 1/2 cup approximately ... give or take. You can also use some chicken broth too ...

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                      Thanks. Really looking forward to trying something new that's also quick and easy. I'll report back. Catherine

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                        I like it cuz it has great flavor, veggies, quick and it is wonderful a good rice. Your choice. I usually add some scallions and roasted red pepper to some good rice and it is perfect. Depends what I have in the house. I really try to improvise when I can. It guess it is a base recipe but sometimes it changes with what we have. I work 2 jobs, a kid, single mom, apt, so I do what I can and sometimes things change. And you just have to flow with it, :) Some roasted grape tomatoes and sauteed spinach would be great with that dish. I also make a sauteed spinach, fennel, and grape tomatoes which is grape, probably not with this but I just thought of it. It would be great with some simple sauteed pork chops same concept but just add a little white wine in the oven to give it some flavor and fresh herbs. Nothing fancy.

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                    Door #1 was SO good. Even though I forgot the cream to begin with. Bob was doing peas which took forever to cook (new stove). So I put the chops in the sauce and just held it. When I remembered the cream, I just dribble it in around the edges. Yummy. And the dogs liked the pan afterwards. Thanks, k, it was really good.

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                      Glad you liked, I stand by it as a good simple quick and yummy recipe
                      And if the dogs enjoyed all the better. My kitties do to... thx again.

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                        Sheesh, girl, go to bed! It's really late in FL.

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                          Me, I never sleep sweetie, Up at all hours. My best recipe time. You go to bed!!

                  3. Sear them for 5 minutes per side in a cast-iron or other oven proof skillet. Then move to a 400 degree oven to finish to your desired temp (mine would be 140). I have a remote thermometer, but if you don't, just check them every 5 miniutes or so.Tis way you cook them through without burning them on the stovetop.

                    1. This topic made me smile as I remembered my mom's way of cooking "breakfast cut" (thin) pork chops. The poor pig was killed once at the slaughter house, twice at the butcher and again by my mom who would simply salt and pepper, then fry them into their 3rd demise. But I remember that they surely were good.

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                        I have had great results cooking these in a cast-iron pan on the stove. Just make sure you get it nice and hot first.