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Feb 17, 2009 07:16 AM

Good dinner near Rosemont?

I have a doc appointment in rosemont at 6pm...gonna grab dinner after...any great spots.

I'd like to hear all levels of dining...from pizza and chinese to fine dining suggestions...

light me up

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  1. There's very little that's good to eat in Rosemont. For pizza there's a branch of Peace A Pizza, and Yang Ming for Chinese. But you'll be just adjacent to Bryn Mawr. My favorites there are both BYO: Sola and Cafe Fresko. Depending on where you're going afterward, you could also head west to Wayne or Radnor, or east to Haverford, Ardmore, and Wynnewood.

    1. If you are willing to make the big trek to Bryn Mawr (!), I recommend Lourdas for Greek and Ha Long Bay for Vietnamese. The former is right by the BM R5 train station, the latter not far from there, right on Lancaster Avenue near the BM theaters.

      1. I've had some pretty good sushi at Samurai, a Japanese restaurant right in Rosemont on Lancaster Avenue. You could also order a beer at the bar while you take a peek at the menu at Gullifty's, which is set back in the strip center next door. It's more of a pub/family/scene kind of space. Not too bad.