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Feb 17, 2009 07:13 AM

MSP - Fugaise Closing

Shame. Here's hoping we'll enjoy Chef Saunders' work again sooner rather than later.

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  1. Shame. I think AZ kind of expressed what I knew of the place as well. I always heard good things, but I never went. From the outside, it is the most unassuming place in the area. On the inside, the food is supposed to be fantastic. I think I'll try to make it over there once before they close up.

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      One of my favorite places in town. Chef Don has been saying for over a year now that he planned to close it down to have a better work-family balance. I'm going to try to get there for at least one farewell dinner to express my appreciation for his great cooking over the years.

    2. Ditto many sentiments thus far (and I'm sure to be posted yet). I'm sad but not surprised. I've had close to 20 meals there and will miss the place. Lunch went away a while ago. The wine list has been shrinking.

      Saunders is a tremendous talent. The food has never disappointed at Fugaise, and I've been at a private dinner catered by him. As much as we sing his praises, I also want to note that the service from the staff was always top notch -- professional, accommodating, friendly. Any restaurant that hires the wait staff will be raising its own level of service immediately.

      A farewell dinner or two is definitely in my future.

      1. Along with everyone else, I bid a fond farewell & will miss Fugaise dearly. Chef Don is our neighbor & not only a great talent but a nice guy too. Hope to see him land somewhere soon - I'm certain that many of us MSP hounds will bump into each other at Fugaise over the next couple of weeks. (Sigh...)

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          It was good overall but I dined there about two months ago on a Thursday night and there was no one in the place.

          I am sure he will land somewhere soon.