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Feb 17, 2009 06:23 AM


I am looking for a restaurant that has excellent bone-marrow. My family is coming into town for my birthday next month and my dad is a HUGE lover of this dish. While I am not very fond of it, we went to Crispo in December and I have never seen anyone enjoy a meal as much as he enjoyed his bone-marrow there! I would go back there but for sake of variety wanted to see if there was anywhere else worth going.

Anyone had any outstanding bone-marrow lately?

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    1. How about Allen and Delancey?

        1. My favorite bone marrow dish anywhere is at Blue Ribbon.

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          1. re: RCC

            Third Blue Ribbon or L'Express in Montreal

            1. Prune. Simply roasted with sea salt and served with parsley salad a la Fergus Henderson.

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                Never had it at prune, but did try it when fergus was in town cooking at momofuku. the dish was my highlight of the evening. so simple yet so decadent.

                the carmelized bone marrow at allen and delancey while memorable, is not worth it's considerable cost.

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                  Gabrielle Hamilton freely admits to stealing the recipe from Fergus Henderson.