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Feb 17, 2009 05:39 AM

Best Kosher Supermarket for stocking up?

I'm looking for the best one-stop kosher supermarket or shopping area in the NY-LI-NJ region. Not necessarily for gourmet choices, more for stocking up on meat and kosher staples, with an eye towards Passover shopping. Main criteria are price and decent poultry/meat section.
Monsey? 5 towns? Main St/Queens? Teaneck?

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  1. I have been very happy for the past few years with the Brach's in the Five Towns for my big one-day Pesach shopping. I do all my planning a few weeks in advance and then get what I can all in one day. I don't necessarily get my meat there; it depends how much freezer space I have and/or how long before Pesach it is. And I live very close to Main St. in Queens, but still make this pilgrimage; the prices and selection seem better. I will make one caveat, though. When I was first married a number of years ago, I would go from store to store on Main Street, copy prices of the things I needed, then go back and buy three things here, ten there, etc. Finally, at the recommendation of my husband, I decided that my time and sanity (and gasoline) was worth a lot more. Therefore, I just don't stress out anymore if I find out that Brach's is higher on one thing, but lower on another. I also try to keep in mind that I am cooking for eight days only. Admittedly, I don't know how many people other people are cooking for, but I have to say that I have been shocked at the amount of food I've seen in other people's shopping carts at Pesach time. I can't imagine how many people you'd have to be cooking for to need four 3-gallon jugs of cottonseed oil, but I have seen that. If I go through a pint of olive oil, it's a lot. I try to cook healthfully and in reasonable amounts, so that I don't gain a ton of weight, or cause anyone else to. Therefore, the amount of food I buy, even for the whole chag, is far less than what a lot of other people are buying. I make all my own cakes, buy little candy, etc. It's mainly canned and packaged goods for recipes.

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      If you must go to one store then Brachs can't be beat. When my daughter and family came back from Israel I found them an apartment around the corner from Gourmet Glatt. I thought how convenient it would be for them. Where do they shop - Brachs. They said prices are much lower. Mind you there are items that one can find cheaper at GG and Supersol, and I do take advantage at times from them, but for a general shopping, Brachs is best. I do not walk out from Brachs feeling that I have been ripped off by any item; all prices are fair or better.

      Mind you I have not really shopped much at glatt Kosher Kingdom, I plan on going to them more now that its opening is behind them and prices have stabilized. I will then evaluate how they rank and see how they fit into my shopping habits.

      As to Pesach shopping, last year I went to Boro Park to buy my Shmura Matzos since the local stores in the 5 towns did not carry what I usually buy, so I figured I would save a buck while I was there. Guess what, the prices that I saw there were not better and at times worse than what I saw at Brachs! So I wound up doing my shopping at Brachs. One exception, take out, Brachs takeout while good during the year is abysmal at Pesach so you will have to look else ware for that.

    2. while I do also shop at Brachs, IMHO the meat section at Gourmet Glatt is far superior (quality wise) .

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        I must qualify,I don't buy my meats from Brachs. I have a chest freezer so I buy meats infrequently and in quantity, so I only buy when I see a real deal. Supersol at times has some great prices, like right now they are selling chicken cutlets for $2.99/lb and turkey legs & wings for $.99/lb. I also go to Pik N Pay in Brooklyn for steaks, roasts, chickens etc.

      2. The Shoprite in Paramus has just overhauled it's kosher section, meat prices (at least 2 weeks ago) were definitely lower than Best Glatt and Glatt Express.

        Although, I know a lot of people in Teaneck go up to Monsey for their meat.

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          The best find there is veal bones (for stock). $2.99/lb, often with $1 off coupons attached.

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            Thanks for the advice all.
            Noticed a similar thread which ended about a year ago - very helpful