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Feb 17, 2009 05:23 AM

so... no res phillipines

i liked this one. food looked good - especially the place with the outdoor kitchen (treehouse looking place) anyone else?

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  1. This season's been a downer. If he wants local and indigenous skip the obligatory family meal already -- it's obviously a presentation for TV. The local chef and the lechon bits were good. He needs to take a tip from Diary of a Foodie - stick with people in the know.

    1. Not real impressed, except for the lechon. The bits with the local guy was good but the bits with the contest finalist was terrible.

      1. I'm glad he was able to do authentic without relying on the gross factor to score points (i.e. chowing down on balut and asocena), although I suppose eating bile soup is somewhat nasty. For an initial foray into Filipino cuisine, I think he did a good job trying to cover a lot of territory, attempting to differentiate between urban Manila, Pampangas and Cebuano cuisine. Some of the hosts are biggies in the Filipino food world and it showed. I didn't really need the psychology of Augusto, though I think a lot of Fil-Ams can relate to his experience.

        I'd love it if he went back and did some more in-depth exploration in Pampangas and Ilocos with the sweaty chef with the outdoor kitchen.

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          The bits of cultural/historical insights with passionate local chefs are always the best segments.

          1. re: ferret

            I thought it was good, not great. Agree that the contest winner story line was less than compelling.

        2. i actually felt bad for poor augusto - how embarrassing to have everyone you know watch you get so slammed on tv.

          1. I haven't watched No Res for a while but wanted to catch this one b/c I know nothing about Philippine food and would love to learn more about it. What I saw looked delicious. But why in the heck was Augusto even in it? I think TB was wondering this himself when he constantly mentioned how reserved Augusto had become. The whole thing with his family and him trying to "find" himself, so to speak, was awkward. It reminded me of a Lifetime or afterschool special: Augusto: Who Am I? I'm Asian American as well so I can relate to his situation, but his whole segment was poorly executed.

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              Poor Augusto was a mistake, and his family soberly consuming that amazing layout is not typical... break out the tuba and lambanog (native beer and white lightning), and jack up the mood to pair with the lechon. This is the food of fiesta, and after dinner singing is de rigeur. There are numerous native desserts which weren't even mentioned. I have to agree with Bourdain when he bemoaned the fact that he only could visit two islands out of thousands. The dishes shown were alright - they had me salivating. Pampanga and Cebu are the right places to experience if you have limited time