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Feb 17, 2009 04:51 AM

Boston-area retail sources for Dolin vermouth?

A recent thread on pending changes to the formula for the U.S.A.-bound version of Noilly Prat got me to thinking: where can I buy Dolin vermouth around Boston? I've sampled it in a few cocktails over at Drink and quite like it: they have both the dry and blanc versions (and I imagine the rouge, too).

I'm also always on the lookout for Carpano Antica Formula, but know that's not distributed locally yet. Still looking for online sources that will ship to Boston.

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  1. MC, The only one I can think of trying is Martignetti's. If the don't have it, they may be able to get it for you.
    Good Luck,

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      1. Dolin is handled by Ideal

        Ideal Wine & Spirits Company

        You could probably call them and find out which retailers are carrying it.

        I've heard that Brix has it, but haven't confirmed that first hand.


        1. The only way I know of to get Carpano Antica is to make a trip to NYC or have someone bring it back for you. It's the way Drink, Craigie, and Eastern have been getting theirs.

          We're also curious about Dolin. I know some bars around do have it but we have not spotted it in stores. Also from the same distributer, we're looking for Hayman's Old Tom gin. We'll have to make a trip out to Marty's in Newtonville soon (they're often the first to get these sort of things).

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            Last I looked at Craigie, Tom was concocting an erstaz version of Antica (a really good simulacrum, I thought.) He did relate a story about bringing a case back from NYC on the Amtrak for ESK.

            Brix is in the neighborhood, so I'll check in there.

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Tommy still has bottles of Antica. Or at least he had them at his vermouth class (where we also got to watch him make a batch of his replica) a few weeks ago. I know that Eastern did get some bottles when Kevin came back from his exchange program stint at Please Don't Tell.

            2. re: yarm

              Brix has Hayman's Old Tom too, I think at both the South End and Broad St. locations. Fixed my first homemade Old Tom cocktail with it a few nights ago: a Martinez with Hayman's and the Dolin sweet vermouth. Splendid.

              Come to think of it, my inaugural drink @ Drink was a Hayman's-based Collins. It really is worth picking up a bottle to try Old Tom in just about every canonical recipe you can put it in. Still waiting to make a Ramos with it; supposedly it elevates the drink to another level.

            3. Brix South End indeed carries both the Dolin Dry and Rouge (sweet). They're fantastic, and a relative bargain when sitting on the shelf next to Vya. Both are $15 per 750 ml, though I think there may be smaller format bottles (375ml) being rolled out too. The Dolin sweet has even (momentarily) dulled my desire to go to ridiculous lengths for a bottle of Carpano Antica. Same for the Dolin Dry and the reformulated N.P.

              However, Slim, you best post right here when you find out the cheapest way to get either of those to Boston. Who wants in on a case?