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Feb 17, 2009 04:39 AM

Kloby's Smokehouse - Near Columbia, MD

A friend and I had a Saturday lunch at Kloby's Smokehouse off Johns Hopkins Road near Columbia, MD. Kloby's is located in a new stripmall easily reached from Route 29. It has a pleasant, informal eating area decorated with Nascar pennants and other sports-related wall hangings.

We sampled St.Louis style ribs, pulled pork, and their brisket. Here's my take:

The ribs were nicely smoked, but a bit dry and chewy. I asked for "sauce on the side" and their spicy sauce was good. My friend said that the pulled pork was very good with nice bits of burnt end mixed in. The pulled pork came on a bun already sauced and topped with cole slaw. To my taste (and a bit of surprise), the real star of the day's show was the brisket - it was flat out excellent! Wonderfully smokey and melt in your mouth tender. In my opinion, it was the best brisket I've ever had in Maryland and good brisket is a very tricky thing to pull off.

The cole slaw was nice, and I enjoyed the baked beans because they weren't the usual sweet and gloppy approach. I would think they were seasoned with some chili powder for an interesting flavor. A slice of cornbread was sweet and moist.

The folks working there were very friendly, explaining their approach to BBQ when we ordered and checking on us once while we were eating.

I'm definitely adding Kloby's to my list of BBQ options in the DC area.

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  1. Im sad that the moved from their Woodlawn location, but their location now looks a lot nicer. The food was fantastic and we would drive from Pasadena regularly to eat it. Loved the spicy bbq sauce and pulled pork -- pretty much everything you said rings true, though I never found the ribs to be chewy to the point of not liking them (ymmv).

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      So they moved, this isn't a second location? That's ashame, I used to go to the old one quite frequently. Do you know if the menu is the same? I used to love some of the oddball things on the menu, the fried chicken livers and the smoked brisket cheesesteak, but it doesn't look like their on the online menu.

      1. re: Jason1

        It was a second location, but then a bunch of business left the area around the first location and so he had to close that one down.

        1. re: bobif

          Klobys is ok. To my taste I think in the DC area KBQ (Bowie,MD), Urban BBQ Company (white flint mall area in MD), Willards BBQ (out by dulles) are the if you're in Baltimore--- Andy Nelson's is still the best.

          Also worth mentioning is both Johnny Boy locations (different owners but similar ribs)...there is one in SE and another farther south in Maryland.

          Rocklands is overpriced and not that great (though good sides)

          Still have to try Big Bad Wolves in Baltimore as well.

    2. well this is just an opinion from someone who ate ribs for the 4th-6th time in his life and just started eating them last yr and who grew up 2nd gen south-indian (mango grove in columbia, woodlands, udupi palace) vegetarian. for pt of reference I ate baby back ribs and loved the ribs at perhaps the best rib and/or bbq place in orange co , ca tulsa rib co (just ask the oc chowhounders). believe I had the caribbean baby backs.

      anyway not good here. ribs not wet. asked for spicy sauce. first thought was is this ketchup? cornbread great. sweet tea decent. collard greens ok but never had southern style collard greens. perhaps they were meant to not have flavor. hey i'm used to spices for dinner. my mom's brussel sprouts hit the spot! bbq beans which I love in general were great.