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Feb 17, 2009 04:18 AM

What's Your "Go To" Restaurant in the Rockland Area?

We have a couple of "go to" places. Those which we eat at 3 of more times per month. These are places that have decent food, family friendly in decor, and price. What's yours? What dish stands out from the rest? We're always looking for something new to try burt always end up at the same places. Looking for something new to add to the mix.
#1 Greek Village - Greek salad, souvlaki, grilled fish, fried zuchinni + eggplant app. Northvale NJ
#2 Broadway pizza, Northvale NJ - large pie, extra thin, well done - fresh garilc (garlic is a must)
#3 Bailey's - 1/2 bbq chicken, (screamin chicken sauce on the side), fried catfish, corn soufle, wings, + potato skins.

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  1. I love how 2 of your 3 "Go To"s are in Jersey (not that I would disagree)...

    -Gracie's Ravioli - Good pastas. I make my own sauce though. Sandwiches are good, meats are good. Fresh mozz is good for the proximity. Nyack, NY
    -Taal Indian - Good potions and prices. Food is always properly cooked and seasoned. Samosas are great. Buffets excellent value. Nanuet, NY
    -Baumgart's - They only do a few things well, but those things are worth going back for again and again. Englewood, NJ (Soon Nyack).

    Greek Village belongs on that list as well. I go there probably more than even these 3, but at the risk of being redundant I offered 3 fresh selections.

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      I would not be surprised if we have crossed paths at GV - we average at least 1X per week. What do you like at Baumgart's? There's the place in Montvale that the person from Baumgart's opened a few years ago. Peter ?, Not bad, only been there a few times, it's kind of far from where we are. When you've been in Taal were there any other customers? Each time I go by it looks like they are closed. I've never found great Indian food in our area, so I just started cooking it myself.

      1. re: michele cindy

        The best Indian restaurant in the area is Karavali in the shopping strip at the rear of the Nanuet (empty) Mall. The menu is large and has several dishes rarely seen in the US, including a dish from the Indian Jewish community (yes, there is one).

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          At Baumgarts I get the Mussuman Curry, Enoki Duck and Kung Pao Chicken. I tried to diversify over the years but have been disappointed so many times that I stick to those 3 staples. The steamed veggie dumpings are very good, as is the papaya salad and warm peanut noodles.

          Very rarely do I encounter crowds at Taal. Usually another table or 2 but never very busy.

          Oh yeah...Wild Wasabi in Norwood. I've loved it for a while but my brother just moved back to Jersey after 3 years in Japan and approves of the sushi there. If it will please him you know it's good.

      2. Vietnam in Spring Valley. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the food is wonderful and the service is friendly and warm. It is like being with family....if your family is made up of great cooks.

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          I'll second Vietnam and add Davey's Locker in Montvale. Great burgers and beers