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Feb 17, 2009 02:08 AM

Green coffee beans in NYC?

Is there a place to get green (unroasted) coffee beans in Manhattan? If possible I'd rather get it here instead of mail order.

Thanks to a tip from an Ethiopian grocer I was able to get some at Fairway uptown, but it's a "mystery" bean as the workers there don't know what it is exactly. The man who would know (and thanks to him I'm able to try home roasting), is on an earlier schedule than my usual time, and so I've been in the dark.


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  1. International Grocery on 9th Ave near 40th St used to have a couple of bins of green beans (I think one was Colombian but I haven't looked in a long time). About 10 years ago I called around to places that do their own roasting and eventually found someone who'd sell me some Kenya AA and Kona but I don't remember the name - they were near Madison and 59th St, IIRC. But basically no one except International sells them as a regular item so you have to call around if you want something with a pedigree - but even mailorder has to be better than mystery beans... there are a couple of mailorder places that have been around for quite a while by now, iirc...

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      Thanks everyone for places to check out! Is the Roasting Plant really open 24 hours? Pretty cool.

      I don't mind the "mystery beans" at all, by the way. I'm glad I had a source close by to try out the home roasting. The beans were turning color at different times so I assume they were different beans. It's a good way to challenge my roasting technique.

    2. The Roasting Plant at 75 Greenwich Ave. has them.

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        And there's a Roasting Plant at 81 Orchard, if that's more convenient for you.

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