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Feb 16, 2009 10:32 PM

Does anyone know where to get a good bento box in DFW?

I really like the ones that are packed with the sides of pickled vegetables and other "I don't know what I'm eating" items. I googled bento boxes and someone recommended Hanasho in Irving. I know Sushi Yama has a Wednesday night special. Crispy tempura is also pretty important. Thanks!

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  1. My wife and I have had them at Lava Grill in Euless. A good assortment of tempura and rolls.

    Lava Grill
    Euless TX, Euless, TX

    1. Are you looking for Lunch or Dinner? Bento is generally actually a lunch item all though many local places have Bento for dinner as well. Generally the better places have good Bentos Masami has a good bento for instance. I think the Bento at is quite interesting for lunch.

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        I can eat bentos anytime. Dinner and lunch are both great. Thanks so much.

      2. I haven't tried it yet but if I were looking for bento I'd probably start at Sushiyama.

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          Again Sushiyama is good and their Wednesday night special is killer. But there is a price to pay 1) Really bad service 2) Really crowded. Overall it's one heck of a value so I keep going back.

        2. I am not sure how traditional it is, but I like the bento at Noodles Ave in Plano. Kinda a fusion as you get a thai main. Not the best rolls, but still decent for a change.

          1. I also forgot to mention Sushi of Plano. In general they do a good Bento, but the Tempura can be touch and go depending on who is doing it that day. Their other ingredients are always consistently good.

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              I was hesitant to mention Sushi of Plano based on that exact point! I tend to avoid bento boxes there specifically because I have no idea how the tempura will turn out. If I ever feel like one, I'll suck it up, fight the crowds, and hit Sushiyama on a wednesday night.