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Feb 16, 2009 09:51 PM

Good restaurants that don't mind kids?

We're taking our 4 1/2 year old son back to NOLA, his first time back since he was born there. Any suggestions for restaurants that don't mind kids? Maybe a place with a kid's menu, or that would at least make him a good grilled cheese sandwich (the only food he eats!!)? It doesn't have to be Chuck E. Cheese style, we were thinking Camellia Grill, Bluebird Cafe, Eat, NOLA, Stanley, Commander's Palace for lunch, Cafe Du Monde (of course!!) - if you think any of these mentioned places would not be good for a lil' kid please let me know! We haven't been there in a few years so any ideas on new places would help us out greatly! Thanks!!!

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  1. If you don't mind, jreedtattooer, I'm going to piggyback onto your question. I've been working in New Orleans away from my family this year, but they are coming to visit in March. I'd love to take them to a few top notch restaurants, but I'm not sure which places would welcome a (well-behaved) 4-year-old. I was thinking Cochon, Brigtsen's, Dante's Kitchen, or Bayona. Are any of these definite no-no's? Would it be better to go for lunch, or early in the evening?

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      It's hard to object to a well-behaved kid. Whether these places will have acceptable food for a kid is a different question. I'd say that, depending on how adventurous the kid is, they should be fine at most of these places, but I would not anticipate being able to get something like a grilled cheese at any of them, and as far as I know, none of them have a kids' menu per se.

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        Bayona dinner environment is not conducive to children. However, if it is nice, Bayona's lunch on the courtyard would be an option.

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          I would say Brigtsen's and Bayona would be no no's. However, Bayona at lunch might be an option. Brigtsen's and Bayona are just so small and intimate. The same can be said for Dante's, but it's less formal. Second the comment about what a 4 year old will eat at these plases.

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            I'm not at all worried about finding something for my daughter to eat, since she is a very adventurous eater. The main thing is that since I don't especially like forking over a bundle to eat alone, I have been waiting for these guys to come into town in order to try some of your great local restaurants. So, what are the best restaurants in town that it *would* be okay to bring a kid to -- given that finding something for her to eat is not a concern?

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              Hmm, kid-friendly for an adventurous eater (but not necessarily fine dining):
              Casamento's--'cause you can watch the oyster shucker, most things are fried (what kid doesn't like fried), you have to walk thru the kitchen to get to the restrooms, occasionally a cat is hanging out in the rear courtyard/restroom area.
              Parkway Bakery--poboys are very good, the whole place is casual and laidback. Sit outside and make all the noise & activity you'd like.
              La Divina gelateria--what kid doesn't like gelato? Food tasty enough for grownups, too.
              Cochon Butcher--very casual, with cases full of meat to look at. Sandwiches are too big for a kid alone, but this just gives you an excuse to eat half of his/her food.
              Palace Cafe is kid-friendly, as I mentioned in an earlier post, especially if you sit in the windows overlooking Canal St. and people-watch.
              Commander's can be (well-behaved) kid friendly, especially for weekend brunches.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                Thanks for the reply. I'm getting the distinct impression that in this town, fine dining = no kids. That's too bad.

                1. re: slave_to_the_passions

                  not so, the little ones grow up in Galatoire's and become regulars.
                  I grew up in The Bon Ton, Delmonico's, Delerno' name a few.

                  1. re: edible complex

                    I disagree with the people who have listed particular restaurants as being unfriendly toward kids. I don't think fine dining here is any less kid-friendly than other places. Good kids are probably perfectly acceptable anywhere, but if your kid is questionable, don't bring them, and if they're picky, why would you want to bring them?

        2. Ye Olde College Inn, Mandina's, Cafe Atchafalaya, The Galley Seafood

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            Mandina's is always full of kids, it seems.

          2. Thanks so far!! I just looked up Cafe Atchafalaya's website - yum yum! I had never been to or heard of it until now. Thanks!!

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            1. re: jreedtattooer

              Palace Cafe would probably work, since it's spacious and the tables are pretty spread out. If you want casual, I'd go with Mandina's, or Frankie and Johnny's. (I put so much money into that claw machine when I was a kid.)

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                I know that Palace Cafe used to have a kids' menu, as the waiter offered it to my 4-year-old niece once (she asked, with a tear in her eye, "do I HAVE to order off the kids' menu?)