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Feb 16, 2009 08:49 PM

rusty cast iron

Yes, another post on cast iron! Somehow, I have two pieces that seem to have gone rusty on me. Not sure how--didn't wash them on purpose, but oh well. One is a tortilla comal and one is a grill pan with grooves. So--any ideas how to get them back into shape that won't require an entire weekend of effort?

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  1. That's easy. A little powdered bar keepers friend and just enough water to make a paste. Let it sit for a moment or 2 then scrub the rust off with a scrubber sponge. Shouldn't take more than 5 or 10 mins per pan.

    Then reseason them with some shortening and a 400 degree oven the whole process should take about an hour.

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      I would suggest a wire brush for the grill pan --

    2. Paste of salt and a little water - as shown last week on Cooks Country TV show.

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        You do know that salt will make iron rust much faster!! While it true that we use salt in cooking, it seems foolish to rub salt in the wound-- so to speak. This salt and water method seems like some old redneck insanity. Just have Faith and rattlesnakes next.

        Just use steel wool and/or sand paper-- whatever degree of scrubbing is fast enough and thorough enough to remove all the rust. S.O.S. pads actually have some kind of rust preventive going that keeps the pad from rusting away too fast. Barkeeper friend has an acid that helps remove rust/oxidation but can cause more rust if you can't get it out of all the pores.

        For a new stick free cooking surface,let oil soak in slow in a liquified form. Once the oil reaches smoking temperatures it will "polymerize." Which if fine for the non-cooking surfaces but I prefer a nice smooth non-polymerized oily finish on the cooking surface. You can turn the heat on a freshly oiled pan up until it just starting to get thoroughly warm then turn if off and let it sit there, or leave it on low for 10 minutes or so and turn it off and let it sit there for a while to get a nice smooth stick free oily finish.

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          After scrubbing with the salt paste, they rinsed, dried, and reseasoned the pan. This is a traditional method for restoring cast iron, doubtless harkening back to the days before dish deterent even existed, much less oven cleaners or barkeeper's friend.

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          Salt and water ... absolutely, my grandma taught me that. a non scratch scrungy and go to it. Then oil well. I light to heat with the oil on a few times to reason. Should be fine. Cook some nice greasy bacon and fried chicken and back to normal.

          Yes salt does makes it rust, but it also gets the rust off. I only use it in this instance. Then re season It works. I have done it a few times over on old pans I purchased and it has always worked. You do need to re season but the rust is gone.