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Feb 16, 2009 08:02 PM

Best Alfajores?

I believe Rincon Limon and Betos have them. Which are better? Is there somewhere that is better than either of these places?


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  1. rincon limeno. call before you go because they don't always have them

    1. I've never found them in Boston so thanks for Rincon Limeno.

      I know this is the Boston page, but if you ever find yourself in the West Palm Beach area, there is a bakery on Dixie near Forest Hill called "Napoleon" that has the most amazing alfajores EVER. this place is a national treasure.

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      1. re: lhq

        Nice tip. Gosh I used to end up in West Palm for work quite a bit and never knew about Napoleon... DRAT, DRAT, DRAT.

      2. Rincon Limeno is my fave in Boston by far.

        1. They also have them at Frio Rico on Bennington Street not far from Rincon Limeno.