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Feb 16, 2009 07:36 PM

UES: Sat. Lunch "near" The Whitney?

Going to The Whitney (Madison/75th) on Saturday. What's the best place for lunch within a 10-15 minute walk? (I don't mind walking to 80th and 1st, but don't want to walk to midtown. I want to stay on the "UES".)


(1) I *hate* brunch, so please, only places that serve a regular lunch menu on Saturday.
(2) I prefer a place with a nice wine list, atmosphere and service. Doesn't have to be like Daniel, but not a pizza slice sitting on a stool with paper napkins place.
(3) I prefer French, Italian, Cuban, Argentinian, Brazilian. No Chinese, Japanese, Mexican.

Fussy enough?? (sorry)

Thanks in advance for your advice!


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  1. Hey, John,

    I don't consider you fussy. In fact, I appreciate that you've explained *exactly* what you are looking for. :-)

    Based on those particulars, I highly recommend one of our favorites, Cafe Boulud, which is just one block from the Whitney, on 76th St., b/t Madison & 5th. It is, of course, Chef Daniel Boulud's second tier restaurant, but the cuisine is first-rate. They serve their regular lunch menu, not brunch, on Saturday. Excellent wine list, polished service, and lovely ambiance.

    Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

    1. Jojo at 64th/Lex has always worked for me, also La Goulue on Madison at 65th.

      1. Centrolire should fit your bill-85/Madison

        1. I like Atlantic Grill at 77th & Third Ave. Very good, varied lunch menu that includes everything from grilled fish to burgers to great entree salads. Very attractive, great service, good drinks and wine list, and cloth napkins! Reservations a must.

          1. Cafe D'Alsace serves brunch on Saturdays, but they have plenty of non-brunch items on the lunch menu.
            You could also try Cafe Sabarsky.