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Feb 16, 2009 07:15 PM

Amazing desserts?

I will be in New Orleans for a week on vacation and was wondering if there are any must have dessert places? My girlfirend and I have been doing some research but would like some insiders opinion. I don’t mind if the dessert comes after a great romantic meal or standing room only, we like to experience it all. Any input would be great!

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  1. My favorite dessert in all of New Orleans is the White Chocolate Bread Pudding at Palace Cafe!

    1. Rio Mar and La Boca both have excellent desserts. Love Rio Mar's banana empanadas and tres leches. As mentioned, Commander's has excellent desserts, also. I love their seasonal desserts. Last week, they had a Louisiana strawberry shortcake and a Louisiana citrus dish. Both were really good. There's also Sucre. A lot of their stuff is all flash and no substance, but they've got a few really good things: white chocolate lavender hot chocolate, vanilla malts, and parfaits to name a few. I live right by the Creole Creamery, so that's my normal dessert stop. The apple pie at GW fins is good, too.

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        Yes Rio Mar and La Boca! Order a few and share them. Some are pictured on the websites. We were lucky enough to try all the desserts and everyone loved them.

        www.labocassteaks.com and www.riomarseafood.com

        We rarely order dessert so that's all I got for ya.

      2. Commander's Palace Creole Bread Pudding Souffle, Brennan's Bananas Foster, I also concur with nininik that Palace Cafe has great desserts.

        1. Red Fish Grill on bourbon has a White & Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding which is very good. they are a brennan restaurant, believe it is the same clan that owns Palace Cafe.

          1. If you're a sugar fiend, then hit up Sucre. Fancy pastry, macaroons, in-house chocolate, etc.

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              Agree with N.O. Food on RioMar desserts. Their Tres Leches Cake is out of this world good.

              Of course Commander's Bread Pudding Souffle and any Bananas Foster (I haven't had it at Brennan's, but they do it well at Arnaud's) deserve to be mentioned. Add them to your classic column.

              Herbsaint's Banana Brown Butter Tart is also extremely good.

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                Seconded on Sucre. Drop-dead gorgeous pastries, giant cupcakes, sundaes, gelato, you name it they have it! And if that doesn't push your buttons, La Divinia Gelataria is right next door....