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Feb 16, 2009 07:11 PM

Raw Clams/Oysters for sale in Brooklyn?

Driving to Park Slope from Boston for the weekend to visit my son and would love to cook a seafood feast. Is there a good place to buy raw clams, etc. anywhere nearby? Come to think of it, we will also need some cod and monkfish for the stew I have in mind. Is there a good fishmonger in the area?

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  1. Fairway in Red Hook, Bklyn's Chinatown on 8th Ave in Sunset Park or Fish Tales on Court St
    (go to Chinatown or Fairway if budget is a big concern)

    and if you come back in the spring, go to the farmer's market at Prospect Park on Saturday morning for the freshest seafood from Blue Moon

    1. if you are going to take tha belt parkway to park slope get off at exit 11N Flatbush Ave When you get off the ramp stay in the right lane right after toys r us is Nicks seafood its a fish store and a restuarant

      1. Take the "D" train from Park Slope (4th Avenue) towards Coney Island. Get off at 18th Avenue stop (about 15 minutes). Underneath the train station on the corner of 18th Avenue and 85th Street is "Sea Breeze II." Very fair prices, fresh seafood, and, if you ask, they will open the clams and oysters for you free of charge. The will also have cod and monkfish.

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          Brklynbobby, I could not agree with you more on Sea Breeze. We have reintroduced ourselves to Sea Breeze in the past month after moving back to Brooklyn from Manhattan. Last Saturday my husband said the oysters he got from them were fresh and delicious. They also had sea urchin which could not have been better. The 2 people who we served us the 2 times we have been there this month have been helpful and patient with any questions we had about origins of their seafood, etc. I highly recommend Sea Breeze.

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            Another endorsement for Sea Breeze. We were just there last night, fish and service great as always.