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Feb 16, 2009 06:56 PM

Restaurant Week ... [MSP] coming up! It is Mar 1-6. Discuss. Anyone planning on going? Which are you debating on going?

I thought of trying out one of D' Amico's restaurants, Solera, or Stella's. I love Stella's for normal fair and wanted to see what they could muster up for a tasting menu.

Any suggestions? I know that some restaurants don't exactly put out their top dishes during this week or they aren't exactly "fair" portions, shall we say?

This is by far one of my favorite weeks of the year so if you share my enthusiasm, let's hear it!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I love it. Last year, I went to Masa, Cosmos, Chambers and Saffron. I enjoyed the hell out of it, and I'm looking forward to this year.

      I think I'll go back to Chambers, and I also plan on going to Vincent, LBV and...not sure after that. Any suggestions (based on the participating restaurants)? Of that list, I've been to: Barrio, Chambers, Cosmos, Masa, Red Stag, Saffron, Smalleys, Solera and Vincent.

      1. Already have reservations at Lurcat and Chambers. Last year I did Cosmos, Saffron, and Craftsman and loved them all. I didn't find that the portions or quality of the dishes were less than any other week.

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          I was impressed at the portions at Chambers last year. They served a good sized bowl of soup (brothy though it may have been), followed by 3-4 good sized walleye fillets and the best dessert I've ever had. I can't wait to go back there.

        2. Solera is great and as they serve tapas, it seems like the perfect place to sample during R Week. Thanks for providing the link!

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            I don't want to bag on the idea of going to Solera, but they always have three different tapas tasting menus going on (8 courses for $29).

          2. I'm a big fan, too, but was disappointed last year at LBV - was still hungry!