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Best French Onion Soup in Metro Detroit?

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I have a serious French Onion soup problem. I'd love to know who serves the BEST in Southeast Michigan. Downtown, suburbs, Ann Arbor; fancy places, junky places, wherever. I am on a mission.

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  1. Best I've had is the Earle in Ann Arbor. It's the real deal.

    1. Best I've had was at Boodles on 11 Mile Road at I-75.

      1. If you like a Swiss onion, Riffle's Homestyle in Northville on Main street is really good.

        Best regards, tony

        1. The Elmhurst Taproom, on Outer Drive in Dearborn. Casual neighborhood pub and grill.

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            I second this recommendation. It's a very generous serving, richly flavored, and so hot you won't be able to touch it for about ten minutes.

          2. Lucy's in Grosse Pointe Farms.

            1. I say, make it yourself. It's really easy and comes out better than any I've had at any restaurant around. Takes about an hour and is pretty low maintenance.

              1. I am sorry to report that the best restaurant for French Onion soup closed several years ago. It was Twingo's. They ran out of it often so you had to get there early. Great place at 4710 Cass in Detroit. I mention it because they closed and re-opened once around 2005/2006 and I am holding out hope that they open again. Are there any chowhounds who know if the prior owner or chef have resurfaced somewhere else?