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Feb 16, 2009 05:16 PM

Where to buy quark cheese (túró)

I lived in Hungary for a bit, and am in love with túró, which I've since learned is generally called quark in English. Anybody know if (and where) I can buy it in Toronto?

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  1. I've bought Quark at Loblaws...Yummie....Miranda

    1. You can try The Prague ( I know they use it in their dessert Palacinky.

      1. I have found it in one of the cheese shops in St Lawrence. Olympic. I think. I've seen it in Brandts in Mississauga as well.

        1. túró is also sold as "pressed cottage cheese", available at Loblaws (health/organic food section). I have also bought some at IGA. Various health food stores carry it, as well. It is usually located near the yogurt selections. Watch for various fat contents - 0.5% to 4%, the latter is most reminiscent of what you had in Hungary. Another problem is salt - for some reason canadian manufacturers add salt to it. It is possible, but not easy, to find one without salt. Lastly, these are not packaged in tubs like quark, but in lumpy white plastic "sacks". Good luck.