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Feb 16, 2009 05:14 PM

Sunny Isles Impressions

Really digging the whole ethnic strip mall action but not without mishaps. While waiting for a rotisserie chicken in the local Publix on my first night, I struck up a conversation with an alleged chowhounder who knew the area. She assured me that Jaliscos next door was decent and "authentic". Today, after huffing it back from the very cool Oleta State Park, I sent little Flaco and La Charnega to pick up some burritos and sides while I went to score more cerveza Estrella and Red Guitar vino. What awaited me back in my time warp if Joey Bishop was French Canadian motel was perhaps the worst Mexican food in the whole USA as Donna Fargo might have sung. Now listen peeps, I wasn't expecting South Tucson, East LA, the Mission in SF or Roosevelt Ave in Queens; only some gabacho-centric grub on the level of Chipoltes. What I got was rancid beans, dry rice, very WASPish enchilada style burritos made with store bought fajita size tortillas and the worst guacamole this side of Des Moines. Okay, okay, MY BAD knowing I'm surrounded by great Russian and Argentinean etc... WHAT WAS I THINKING? To make amends to la familia, I huffed it back down to Dolcevita to score a batch of their very good empanadas and who did I see licking a gelato with her kid and husband in tow? That's right, the local expert. She's lucky I'm not Larry David!

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  1. Thanks for warning us off the bad stuff - what have you found that's been good?

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      Here's some chismes... El Rey Del Chivito #2 in Sunny Isles is now Lomito Gold and based on the parrillada I had tonight very, very good. Loved seeing it fill up after 8 with families and serious couples. We also enjoyed a nosh at LuL Grill but didn't get to the Russian Kebab place or the other Russian Deli over by Miyako. I also regret not trying Claudia's Peruvian down the street but all the more reason to come back. Don't forget Dolcevita for a wood burning oven pizza, empanadas and gelato. Damn, Miami must be a hell of a food town if you're a cheap bastard like me! Keep building those strip malls!

    2. big points to you for colorful writing. Mexican and southwestern is unfortunately a big weak spot in Miami.

      1. I feel your pain, Flaco! Maybe you should check out Chapultapec up on Hallandale or Cheen Huaye on Biscayne. First one is total down-home Mexican (try the rellenos), the second is more the kind of place that you could take a date to. Take it from an ex-Californian that's been all over Baja!