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Feb 16, 2009 05:00 PM

Horrible Experience at Maia

I hate to say it - especially because I know Patrick Feury personally and am a pretty big fan of Nectar -- but Maya has really gone down hill. The other night I went there with a few friends, around 9pm on a weeknight. We were the only ones sitting and eating (there were a few people at the bar).

Everything was awful. My friend's steak was tough and tasteless; my pastrami sliders were inedible, and my other friend's chicken tasted "chickeny." The food came 1.5 hours after we ordered it, and though they offered an amuse of tuna tartare and goat cheese (which was bad), we were unimpressed. Yes, it snowed lightly, and they said that they did not have all of their staff there, but this was no excuse.

I had brunch there a month ago and it was also mediocre. Late entrees, cold food, and they got our orders wrong. I was really hoping this was just a fluke, but, unfortunately, it wasn't.

It's sad, because I know Feury is a top chef, and I know his other restaurants are pretty good. Maya is too ambitious and falls very short.

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  1. Fully agree about Maia. Both Nectar and Maia also seem to be overflowing with a healthy dose of "MainLine Attitude" that greets you as soon as you walk in and talk to the Maitre'D. Gets worse as you sit down and start to contemplate your meal. Not sure where they get this, but it seems very put on and deliberate and does no good for me (or many other people I know). Me thinks it is deigned to convince you the prices they are going to charge you for the meal are really worth it.

    I have also eaten at their lunch counter many times, everything is pre-prepared and reheated. They still do not have the ordering down. I had to order my sandwich at the counter, then go stand in line behind people in a cafe to pay for my drinks/meal.

    Totally avoidable.