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Feb 16, 2009 04:55 PM

Halifax Donair

Where can I or can I, find a Halifax style donair in Montreal

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  1. woah had to google that:

    Can't say I've ever seen this.

    I wonder if these are a Maritime Canadian/Halifax variation on Doner Kebab (Turkish version of the lebanese Shawarma and greek Gyros you'll more readily find here.


    1. This must be like the gyro, sold in some Montreal eating establishments?

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      1. re: BLM

        Similar too but not the same. The meat is spiced differently and the sauce is completely different somehow. I could never stomach a gyro, but occasionally crave a Halifax-style donair. And especially donair-pizza!

        Unfortunately I have never found anything like the Halifax donair in Montreal since I moved here in 1992.

        1. re: buspirone

          Growing up in Alberta meant that i also ate Halifax style donairs and donair pizza. Probably due to the large maritime population that lives there.

          Unfortunately i've never seen anything like it here in Montreal either.

      2. Kojax seems to be the closest thing I know of to a Halifax donair... and a Halifax donair it is not.

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        1. re: afoodyear

          I guess that I'm going to have to get friends to stop at Pizza Corner on the way through Montreal for some take out for me.

        2. Consider me happy! A friend is leaving Halifax tonight to drive to Calgary. She is willing to drop off some donairs for me from King of Donair!

          1. @ Donair Cite on St-Denis,Montreal.. It's the real thing all the way from Nova Scotia, for the first time EVER in Quebec!

            2051-B rue St-Denis Montreal
            H2X3K8 (514)286-2483

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            1. re: DonairCite

              Is that the processed meat loaf stuff that doesn't exist in Greece? Ewwww

              1. re: DonairCite

                There's a reason that stuff wasn't here: because shawarma is way, way better. The mystery is why Halifax never realized this.

                But since you're on a bar stretch that's bereft of decent late night options, you should do ok. Unless the kids keep going to that 24hr McDicks - old habits die hard.