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Feb 16, 2009 04:45 PM

Any cuban or dominican food restuarants in westchester county?

I love black beans and rice and mojitos. I used to go to havana central when I lived in the city but now it is hard to get down there. I would love some leads

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  1. You may wish to do a search of this board (Tristate Region) using the terms Cuban and Dominican.
    IIRC, we have a few threads on both subjects.

    1. Try Belle Havana in Yonkers on Main St.

      1. puebla nueva on kensico & lake in white plains is okay, but not great/not horrible for domincian food

        1. As it relates to Cuban, here's a recent discussion that might help:

          Regarding Dominican... frankly, I'm not sure. Worth some serious discussion. It hasn't really been explored properly here. Puebla Nueva does have a dominican slant. But my experience is that in trying to do both Mexican and Dominican, they do neither well. That said, I haven't explored the Dominican options as well as I should have. I think they recently went through some changes... I stopped in very quickly a month ago and the place looked quite different... (more starkly barren).