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Feb 16, 2009 04:26 PM

Quick take out in ossining/croton

Most nights are late nights at my home so I often eat out. Im getting board . Any suggestions with the local spots for a quick take out location near ossining.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Landmark Diner is reliable; they do takeout and delivery. Planet Wings is open late for both as well -- greasy but good. Most of the Chinese restaurants do take-out, although hit and miss on quality, and delivery until 10:30 or 11pm. We, too, are seeking good "joints" in the Ossining area, which seems sadly mediocre for food in general. We enjoy Serafina's in Arcadian Plaza quite often, even late night and they do takeout and delivery; good pizza and even better pasta. Not cheap, but not horribly expensive either. Quimbaya on Main is open into the evening and out of this world -- really a "don't miss" for anyone in/around Ossining -- for many varieties of homemade hot chocolate and pastries. Their sandwich menu is also appealing but we haven't tried the food yet. Although not a "night spot" we also like the Wobble Cafe for eclectic and homemade breakfasts and dinners. We're looking forward to trying Churrasqueria Ribetajo soon, but I don't know if they do takeout.

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        Churrasqueiro Ribatejo does indeed do takeout. For Italian, I like Isabella's or even Capriccio II in Croton much better than Serafina's (where I will NEVER go again for several reasons). Yama Sushi in the Chilmark shopping center for sushi (and they deliver). For an afternoon or early evening takeout, Good to Go in Croton has excellent sandwiches and salads. Zeytinia in Croton is open late (by Croton standards) and has some good prepared foods.

        1. re: Marge

          2nd on Yama Sushi (now called Yama Fuji Sushi). They saved me many a night run to satisfy my DW's sashimi urges, once they started delivery.

          In addition to Capriccio II I also like Sal's for takeout/delivery. One of the few places that can satisfy my Meatball Parmigana dinner urges.

          For Chinese takeout/delivery our go to place is China Star across from Arcadian.

        2. re: golightly01

          churrasqueria? what type of food do they serve?

          1. re: shoekittykat

            Portuguese. I had a very average meal there, but others have fared better than I. Good luck!

            1. re: shoekittykat

              Isabella's on Main Street for thin crust pizza. China Ossining across from HS for takeout Chinese that's better than most storefronts.

              1. re: Nancy C

                I am goint to try China Ossining, Is that also across from the arcadian center? What is special about the spot. With so many Chinese take out spots I am looking to separate the best from the rest. Ive been to one near Route 9 in Briarcliff . they were good but a little pricey

                1. re: shoekittykat

                  China Ossining is across the street from Ossining HS. I've only tried the one across from Acadian once and did not like the food at all. China Ossining is the best I've found so far... also like the one next to Shop Rite in Croton.

                  Have not had an opportunity to do any kind of taste off, ie buy the same dish from 2-3 places and see how they shape up... did this with pizza a few years ago, but fewer dollars at risk when you buy a slice.

                  1. re: Nancy C

                    im the same way! I guess being relatively new in town, that is what Im trying to do. Size up the local spots. i am partial to chicken and broccoli , scalion pancakes and pepper steak. I had my favorite spots in the city but now im seaching for new spots. There is a great place called Ollies near Columbia U and they have the greatest scailion pancakes and Shrimp with Broccoli. I miss getting down there so much.

          2. If you are willing to go to Croton, Memphis Mae's BBQ has great takeout, and Mexigo is a takeout-only place, with terrific Mexican food as well as great and inexpensive roti chicken dinners. Both are easily accessible off 9North/9A.

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            1. re: lindsaym

              thanks. Im pretty close to croton.
              any other tips? I saw a japanese restuarant near mexigo. have you tried that?

            2. Drove by too fast to figure out, but there was brown paper up the windows at Serafina in Ossining... what's up? Re-do, close for vacation, or closed?

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              1. re: Nancy C

                Was told friday that there is a new owner and that they have gutted the place

                1. re: kimmykimmy

                  We've been wondering about Serafina! They just renovated the dining room a bit over a year ago, so we thought it strange that they were renovating once again. My husband and I were fond of Frank and the team -- particularly Frank's homemade gnocchi and risotto dishes, as well as his lovely wife's amazing tiramisu. We're hoping that the new owners will maintain some of the same dishes... but know that they won't be the same. :(

                2. re: Nancy C

                  The latest Clipper magazine had an ad for place opening up in Arcadian there was also a website in the ad, but it was still under construction. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the place and I'm at work and the Clipper mag is at home.

                  I was wondering if Arcadian was going to have to Italian/pizza places or was this one taking over Sarafina. I guess this answers that question.

                  1. re: ltlevy

                    The Samurai Japanese/Hibachi place is not open, but is in a different space than Serafina. So it seems we'll have two new restaurants in the Arcadian...

                3. a few chowhounders have recommended lonnie's fish and chips in ossining: