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Feb 16, 2009 04:26 PM

I'm Sick...Recs for Soup etc. Arlington/Georgetown

Hi. I tried doing some searching and did find some recommendations for Pho. So that is a possibility. I'm not feeling so great and would really like something that will be warm, comforting, and soothing for my sore throat.

I live in Arlington on Columbia Pike and will be driving to Georgetown in a bit. Any recommendations for a good place, near by, that will be open for a bit. (so I have time to actually get there before they close.) I plan to get it to go.


Oh, and if you see this post too late but have a good place to suggest in Arlington...I could always go tomorrow if I'm still not feeling so great :) thx again.

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  1. Sweet and spicy salmon soup at Nam Viet. Feel better!

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      i havent had them but the noodle soups at tnr cafe look really good.

      the pho at pho 75 cant really be beaten.

      potato leek soup from ireland's four courts (or honestly, pretty much any irish pub) is great.

    2. Hopefully you can get some spicy hot and sour soup. There's nothing like it when you're under the weather.

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        Hot and sour soup is the best when you're not feeling well! It's not really in Georgetown, but the soup at Chen's Watergate (in the Watergate plaza, where the Safeway is) was always one of my favorites. Get some spring rolls with spicy mustard and fried noodles and you're set. (Usually when I'm stuffy I can't taste much of anything, so I like things with texture.) The WG is also a decent place to run into the Safeway for cough drops, magazines, other sick day must-haves, etc.

        Pho from Pho 75 would also be a great choice. Feel better Sasha 360!

      2. Tom Kha Kai from Thai Square on Columbia pike. Pho 75 on wilson blvd. This is further away but Lighthouse cafe in annandale for hot spicy tofu soup. Its off the hook.

        1. This is the Arlington/Alexandria border in a little Greek restaurant. We go there specifically for soup. Its called "Avgolemono." WP describes it as "chock-a-block with rice and shredded chicken and yellow with egg yolk."

          Vaso's Kitchen
          1225 Powhatan St., Alexandria 703-548-2747

          Also at Shirlington, Aromas has a tasty spicy spinach soup with little shreds of chicken. But I'd put my money on Vaso.

          Also Earl's Sandwiches on Wilson has some good homemade soup but I think it changes daily.

          1. My go-to sick food is the grilled chicken soup from Nooshi. It's in the West End/Dupont area but they delivered when I lived in Glover Park.