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Feb 16, 2009 03:31 PM

Sweet & Spicy! New Chineese restaurant at St-Clair & Christie

Nice new addition to the neighbourhood. This area is over populated with Italian style restaurants, so a little chineese is good.
Just picked-up dinner there tonight, and was very pleased. The quality/value equation was good.
We stared with Hot & Sour soup: different than what I am used to but very good,, spicy, large chunks of chicken, fresh vegetables
Lamb Satays: good peanut sauce, but very average lamb skewers
Shrimp steamed dumplings: EXCELLENT!
General Tso Chicken: spicy, delicious, generous portion
Fried rice with chicken and shrimp: very good, full of meat, a littel subtle spice
Chop Suey with vegetable: fresh, tasty

I would pick-up from there again. The atmoshphere at the restaurant is not good, so no eat-in. Price was reasonable and food good. I recommend for next time you are in the mood for chineese.

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  1. Hi... Sweet & Spicy is the name of the restaurant?

    1. Coincidentally, I'd just placed a delivery order from this restaurant when I read shark bait's post. First off, it's called Spicy & Sweet, not Sweet & Spicy. Secondly, it's not a Chinese restaurant -- it bills itself as "Thai, Chinese & Pan-Asian Cuisine." The menu leans very heavily towards Thai.

      We'd received the menu in the mail a few weeks ago and finally decided to give it a shot. Overall, the food was very good, and we'd order from here again.
      The Vegetable Spring Rolls were light, crispy and grease-free, with good flavour.
      The Steamed Shrimp Dumplings were not great: the skins were a bit rubbery and the filling consisted of unseasoned chopped shrimp. Very bland.
      Crispy Wontons were filled bundles, quite good.
      House Salad is a refreshing, quite spicy mixture of vegetables, mango and bits of shrimp.
      Penang Shrimp Curry had lots of vegetables with maybe six small shrimp, in a delicous red curry coconut peanut sauce with quite a nice kick to it.
      Lime Leaf Chicken was good, a bit too sweet for me, but with a good kick, as well. The flavour of the fresh kaffir lime leaves comes through, and the leaves remain in the dish.
      Gong Po Chicken is a decent rendition of the dish, but the breaded, fried chicken pieces were quite soggy by the time we got the delivery, and the sauce could have used more heat.
      The big disappointment was the Chicken Pad Thai, which was totally lacking in flavour. Thankfully, there was no ketchup in evidence, but neither was there any discernable tamarind sauce. The chicken and peanuts were almost nonexistent and there were no bean sprouts.

      While the portions were not very large (and the protein ingredients within were on the skimpy side), considering the prices, we couldn't complain. The entire bill for this order came to $58.00 including tax (before tip). And each main course "stir fry" comes with its own container of steamed rice.

      1. They were selling lunch specials for $2 before Christmas, including a spring roll, soup and entree -- it's usually $6.88. I went in then and a few times since.

        The spring rolls are pretty good, as others mentioned. I found the wonton soup kind of bland, but the hot and sour soup was better. Their 'Thai fried rice' has been pretty good, I thought the portion was large enough and there was a fair bit of meat in it.

        I'll definitely go again, especially if they offer the $2 lunch special again...

        1. On your recommendation, I ordered delivery from this place. Twice. Hoping that perhaps the first time they were just having a bad day or something. They weren't. I'm sorry, but I have never had more tasteless, undercooked, measly portioned, cold Asian food.

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          1. re: HerMajestyPrincessBaklava

            I DEFINITELY AGREE "HerMajestyPrincessBaklava", ..the food was horrible. My pad thai was not only bland but it was also overcooked and dry. My basil chicken was drenched in oil with no basil in it...and the portion of rice was not even enough for a 6 year old child. We were soooo hungry and yet still, the food tasted so bad. We also ordered safe things on the menu like "spring rolls, chicken wings and general tsao". Our spring rolls and chicken was nearly burnt....and our general tsao had a small amount of chicken and for some reason tasted just like the basil chicken. We had cereal for dinner...and shamely enough, that was the worst ordered food we've ever had...and nothing was authentic about it.

            1. re: Smartfood

              I like this place for their lunch specials. The ingredients are fresh and it's always pretty tasty. I agree the pad thai isn't great and the portions are small. The dishes are definitely hit and miss. I tend to like the thai fried rice and the shanghai noodles. If you're looking for good basil chicken and thai in the same neighbourhood, we have been enjoying Taste of Thai House on Vaughan Road. It is really good and they deliver.

              1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                I'd second the recommendation for Taste of Thai House.

                Ordered in from there last week, and all of the dishes were very good, and the Penang Shrimp Curry was outstanding.

                The portions weren't large, but we enjoyed it a lot and will definitely be going back when we don't feel like cooking.

              2. re: Smartfood

                An update from a couple weeks ago. We placed a delivery order on a Sunday evening. I called relatively early to give them time for our delivery and placed an order at 5:30pm, thinking that we would get the food within an hour. I was told by the woman who eventually answered the phone that the order would take approximately 50 minutes as they were busy. The food didn't arrive within the allotted time so we called to check and were told that the food was on its way. We called again and told the same line. In the end the food was delivered over an hour after when they said the food would be delivered. The food that arrived was ok but by that time I lost my appetite and swore that we would never ever order from them again. My opinion is that they should never have taken our order if they couldn't deliver the food in the agreed upon time and that their customer service was nonexistent.

            2. With so many people well educated in authentic Chinese food these days and the fact that Toronto has one of the largest concentration of good authentic Chinese restaurants, I'm surprised to see there are still outfit serving the pseudo Chinese dish - 'Chop Suey'?!