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Feb 16, 2009 03:06 PM


I love visiting New York and one of the primary reasons is that it is the world capital of ethnic cuisine. Until now my primary guide ha been Robert Sietsema's Counter Culture column. Are there other critics accessible over the internet who address affordable international food?

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  1. In the DC area, we have two talented and passionate critics who love nothing better than finding "mom and pop" ethnic restaurants. Ask Todd is Todd Kliman's chat forum, each Tuesday at 11am. You can follow or participate on the Washingtonian Magazine's website.
    Tim Carman writes "Young and Hungry" for the Washington City Paper online.

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      I am a big fan of "mom and pop"ethnic restaurants as is reflected in my writing on Serious Eats New York, check out my stuff for some great finds

      Gawd I hate writing stuff like that since I am actually quite modest...

      Keep on smokin',
      Joey Deckle

    2. Not to be sound snarky but your best resource will be the outer boroughs and Manhattan boards right here on chowhound.

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        Agree entirely. While individuals can come up with good finds, there's nothing close to the pooled knowledge and vast numbers covered by hundreds and thousands of chowhounds. Which means better sample sizes and places that are ahead of the curve (i.e. not covered by any other traditional media).

      2. Sietsema is the best of that category (in my opinion), and KTinNYC makes a valid point also. If you search out posts by Lau and Brian S, you'll get a lot of valuable info.

        New York Magazine's "Underground Gourmet" is pretty good, and the New York Press' food section is, um, online also.

        1. Not a formal critic per se, but Dave Cook's Eating in Translation blog is brilliant. Between him, Sietsema, Brian S posts, etc you should be covered. Not to plug myself, but some of my posts from a bit back give a nice outline of Caribbean and Chinese places (and a close to complete guide to Bangladeshi lunch canteens across the 5 boroughs.)

          1. If you come to LA, check out Jonathan Gold's reviews in LA Weekly.