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Feb 16, 2009 03:02 PM

San Francisco en route to Asia

Hi All, we're from Toronto, Canada, visiting San Francisco for one night on April 2nd before flying off to East Asia (Japan, HK, etc.). Looking for a unique and unforgettable food experience. Criteria as follows:

- Should be in downtown area or near SFO airport since we're flying out the next morning
- No Asian food (though Asian fusion probably OK) since we'll have enough of that in Asia
- "Jacket Required" restaurants are out since I won't have a jacket with me on this trip
- Good wine list of California wines is preferred

The jacket constraint eliminates French Laundry, Masa's and Ritz, so they're off my list. Did my research including searching this board and so far have narrowed my selection to:

* Michael Mina
* La Folie
* Coi
* Gary Danko

I'm leaning towards either (1) Coi or (2) La Folie. What do you think? If I'm clueless and this list sucks, please suggest alternative. Thank you to all in advance!


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  1. Just bumping this up to see if anyone has any suggestions or comments about going with Coi.

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      I think if you're looking for a high-end dining experience, then Coi is the most innovative and uniquely San Francisco of the ones you listed.

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        I would definitely go with Coi over La Folie. I'm a big fan of Coi, because Daniel Patterson is truly unique. However, I've noticed that big eaters, in particular, tend to be irritated at the small amount of meat. You and your companions might want to examine the menu before making a decision. There is also a more hearty (and less interesting) menu in the lounge. I can't say much about the wine at Coi, because frankly the tasting menu is all I can afford there. Although I go a couple of times a year, which says something about how much I love the place.

      2. when i was at the ritz last fall, many patrons were not wearing jackets. in fact, i can't specifically remember anyone, though there surely must have been some. my SO wore a button up shirt and a tie, but possibly could have done without the tie as well. i think it helped that i was wearing a nice dress, so we looked dressier as a table.

        as for the restaurant itself, i absolutely adored the ritz. however, next on my list is coi. i don't think you would go wrong with either.

        1. The website I went to says a jacket is required for Ritz (and Masa's and French Laundry as well), but if it's not enforced, they why bother? In any case, I'm not going to take a chance so Coi it is.

          Thank you kindly to everyone for your responses. Looking forward to visiting your city for the first time, if only for one night.

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            It's California Rules Dining. Some places say a jacket is required however if you show up clean and presentable (good impression in a casual situation), you won't be turned away. A tie and a dress shirt will surely get you in but most places won't make an issue. FL might be a stickler. Coi won't care and no patron will care's is California.

            If you're considering FL, might also look at Manresa in Los Gatos (no jacket requirement, true California Rules Dining)...but it's an hour+ away.

            However w/ only one night/day in SF, I'd just enjoy SF. Go to Coi, the the Ferry Building and maybe get a burrito for lunch.

          2. If you had to have a meal in SF, its either the Dining room at the Ritz with Ron Siegel or Coi with Daniel Patterson. I'd say Coi is definitely the in vogue place and has the most talent in the kitchen. These places would be where you would have your most memorable meal. I'd skip Danko, La Floie or Mina.

            1. Thank you ML8000 and airflux and everyone for your kind suggestions. We ended up booking Coi through Will post feedback later.