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Feb 16, 2009 02:54 PM

Detroit - downtown breakfast spots

Hi Hounds!

I have family coming in this weekend and we are all staying downtown at the MGM Grand. I'm solid on evening food choices as I love coming downtown for dinner, but don't know where to go for good breakfast/brunch ideas! Throw out all ideas - not sure if we want to go upscale or just "good food" yet. Extra "points" for places that have great bloody marys!!


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  1. Fishbone's in Greektown does a really nice brunch on Sunday's. They also have great bloody mary's, however keep in mind you'll have to wait until noon on Sunday to order drinks.

    Just outside of downtown is The Clique on Jefferson. Great pancakes, but no bloody mary's.

    I would caution against the Detroit Breakfast House & Grill. I've eaten there on a couple different occasions and have been totally unimpressed with the food. I felt that the food did not justify the prices they charge.

    1. Sinbads for Sunday brunch.
      Giulio & Son's in the Dearborn Hyatt.
      The New Palace bakery in Hamtramck for paczkis.

      1. for a no frills but solid place - farmers restaurant in eastern market. you will have to split up beacuse it is all booths (i think). sorry, no bloody mary's, but decent food at reasonable prices. i went two weeks ago and had a good plate of corned beef hash. add an omlette, eggs & bacon, and a kids pancakes with bacon plate and drinks and four of us were out for less than $20.

        1. Thanks all - xman, good rec on Eastern Market area - there are only 4 of us, so we should be able to squeeze in there.

          Also - I thought that Detroit Breakfast house closed very recently... can anyone confirm?

          Has anyone eaten at Wolfgang Pucks at MGM for breakfast? Thoughts?