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Feb 16, 2009 02:52 PM

lobster: boil or steam?

Also, how long to cook a 1 1/4 pound lobster? I've seen everything from 6-30 minutes (believe it or not!), but I personally would be way more afraid of over, than under, cooking. 8-10 or maybe 12 minutes? Help....

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  1. Steam. References I feel are also too cautionary and I feel any cooking time more than ten minutes is literally overkill. I saw an episode on Ming Tsai once, where he removed the claws and knuckles section from the body and and cooked them separately in a stainless teel covered bowl by simply adding boiling water from a tea kettle. He only takes 5-7 minutes to cooke these sections and boiling/ steaming would over cook the meat as opposed to the tail.

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      Actually that's not correct. He wasn't cooking them completely, he was only par-cooking them so that they could be removed from the shells.

    2. Poach in butter. View this blog (not mine) for Keller's version. Also, search chow for previous posts on this topic.

        1. 10 minutes boiling and maybe 12 minutes steaming. Under OK.....Over Rubber.

          From a Lobsters Online website:

          1. I always steam. I think the general ROT is 8mins/lb.