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Feb 16, 2009 02:13 PM


had one last nite $16 for a small. I think a gino's frozen would have been bettter. From the brookline store, anyone agree with me???

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  1. I think it's good pizza when you get it right out of the oven and eat in. It doesn't travel well. I've had a few deliveries that were very disappointing.

    1. I haven't ordered a whole pie from them, but on the two occasions that I dropped in (to the Brookline store) for a slice in the fall, it was pretty bad. I grew up in upstate NY, and any average pizzeria in upstate does far better. For a lot less money.

      1. I used to love it but lately it has been not up to par. It is overly dry with hardly any cheese, too salty and the employees always forget and make mistakes with the toppings.

        1. The AAs at my company have ordered pizzas delivered from Upper Crust a few times and I have been appalled at how bad they were. They may be better when served at the restaurant, but they were definitely not worth the price when delivered- they were on par with eating the cardboard boxes they came in. Give me Bertucci's delivery anytime!

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          1. I’ll bite.

            There is no such thing as ‘pizza’, our American English fails to allow us to make important distinctions. Cachetes, the pizza you are eating in upstate NY is an entirely different food and I am not surprised you were disappointed.

            The Upper Crust makes a very stylized pizza. Very thin crust cooked quickly at high heat. A good assortment of high quality toppings provides for a huge number of pizzas very different from each other.

            The thin, crisp crust is flavorful not doughy and bloating. The ratio of bread to toppings is, to my palette, perfect.

            Time (including delivery by bicycle in the winter) is the enemy of the UC pizza. That thin, crispy crust rapidly becomes soggy. Our friends at Domino’s understand that there’s nothing like a huge oil-soaked sponge of bread to facilitate slow cooling.

            This is ironic as my closest UC is on Beacon Hill and has almost non-existing seating. We still opt for delivery from time to time. Our current favorite (I accept full credit for its design) Gorgonzola, caramelized onions, and spinach. Ain’t gonna find that in Troy.

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              That sounds like an amazing topping combo!