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Feb 16, 2009 02:12 PM

Help for dinner!

Hey guys. We're having my brother-in-law and wife for dinner in a couple of weeks. Can anyone suggest a meal that could be assembled ahead of time and put in the oven so I can enjoy visiting with them and not being tied to the kitchen. A couple of caveats lasagna or pasta casseroles. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

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  1. What city are you talkin' about?

    1. Many types of stews can be done in advance and just kept on a low flame. Ditto the variations on pot roast, brisket, etc, that can be pre-cooked and kept warm in gravy in a low oven. Good brisket actually benefits from being made the day before and reheated (see for several good recipes).

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          I was thinking some kind of pork shoulder recipe too. Carnitas or simply a Mexican spice influenced (Mexican oregano, cumin, garlic, etc.) pork should would work. The final result can be very relaxed and fun having everyone make their own tacos with the pork. The additions are all very easy to present; diced tomatoes, lettuce, etc.

          If you want to go more upscale with the dish you can leave the pork shoulder intact and then slice it (it will still be quite tender though) to serve with typical sides.

        2. re: BobB

          Brisket is a great idea.. and it always looks impressive. You defintiely want to make it the day before so that you can scrape off all the solidified fat before heating or serving.

        3. I like the brisket idea. Refrigerate overnight and slice very thin before re heating.