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Feb 16, 2009 01:57 PM

"3 Rivers" in Warren, RI - closed?

I was sad to read in the Projo last week that one of the best places to have breakfast in RI is gone for good. "3 Rivers" opened about three years ago for breakfast and lunch only (brunch on weekends), and quickly became a favorite with reviewers and customers.

According to the paper, restaurant in Warren (Market St) has closed it's doors because of 'losing a seating area' according to one owner. I'm not sure what that means, since the dining room was rather large and the patio/deck area was opened during the summer as well. Does anyone know any more details, or if the owners are looking for a new location?

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  1. call the phone number,ouch!!hopefully she well find another spot soon,everything there was really good,very much missed...check the Cheese Plate accross the street for great wines and awesome cheese.not really good for breakfast though...........

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      Never heard of the Cheese Plate! I'll put it on my list. I do hope 3 R reopens somewhere. It really was one of the best places around (and the long waits will atteste to this).

    2. The lease on the space that Three Rivers occupied is due to expire on the first of March. The owner of the building, who runs his own restaurant in another part of the space, had made the decision to continue a similar business once Three Rivers moved out. At the same time he decided to re-confiure the spaces within the building. He started that construction some two weeks ago. When she discovered the construction work and changes to the spaces in the building, Three Rivers owner Nancy O'Connell abruptly closed the restaurant saying that with the space she had left she could not make enough money to keep the place open.
      Three Rivers and Ms O'Connell and the Town of Warren have been through a difficult six months - Many plans, never fully developed. Many questions left unanswered. Many meetings with town boards, sometimes contentious. Several possible relocations, none realized. A lawsuit brought by neighbors. All quite unfortunate and quite un-necessary. Three Rivers may have been very good. As it was well above my budget for breakfast or lunch I can not speak to that issue. I can, however, say that as a neighbor it and it's owner will NOT be missed.

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        I'm surprised to read about the hasslings of Ms. O'Connell and her business "Three Rivers", which certainly seemed to bring more people dow, and wake up that tired end of Market Street..

        To her customers (such as myself) it always seemed like a well-run business. I never found it too pricey, especially compared with all the other 'breakfast' places such as Julian's and Nick's in Providence (I always thought Three Rivers was far better than those two, and a better meal for the prices). I do hope the restaurant does relocate, possibly out of Warren if she is not welcome there. Her customers will follow.

        1. re: OOliver

          Oliver - Glad you enjoyed Three Rivers (which, just for the sake of correctness was on Water St., not Market) but I can assure you that we are not regretting her departure here at what you, somewhat unkindly, refer to as the "tired" end of the street. I wish Ms O'Connell well should she decide to relocate as long as it is not in Warren.

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            man busto,im dying for the story,please spill.........

      2. The original comment has been removed