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Upland German Deli?

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Has anyone been to the Upland German Deli? I discovered this place yesterday while driving by and would appreciate any feedback on their products. Thanks!

Upland German Deli
983 W. Foothill Bl

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  1. It has been many, many years but their black forest cake was good.

    1. It looks to be very close to where the Upland branch of the Bert & Rocky's ice cream store was located before they went out of business last year. I stopped at B&R many times but don't recall seeing the deli -- let us know if you try it. The world needs more black forest cake, apple or cherry strudel, and sausages.

      Come to think of it, I saw a German deli just off the 10 near Yucaipa recently, but it was closed that day. I'll have to try that one, too.