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Feb 16, 2009 01:25 PM

Fresh and Wild coming to Bayview? the foodie hot spot gets "hotter"?

any one hear this rumor that Fresh and Wild is going in where Nunzio's used to be on Bayview? i hear they're going to do catering too?

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  1. I find fresh and wild overpriced and their produce lacking at the king/spadina location. I also find the stuff in the freezer has been sitting around a long time OR there's too many people standing in front of the freezer with the door open wondering what flavour gelato they wanna buy =(

    Hopefully you guys on bayview won't suffer the same fate!

    1. A new Fresh & Wild opened this weekend in the Distillery District. I made a quick walkthrough today, and it is very similar to the Spadina location which I didn't find to be all that interesting. I can't say how expensive it was since the new location didn't seem to have prices on most shelves yet. But I definitely didn't see much there that you couldn't get at the new Front St. Sobey's a block or so away, or a few blocks further west at the St. Lawrence Market.

      However, they do have a fair amount of prepared food and a full coffee bar which will serve a large patio that will no doubt do good tourist business in the summer. I think Fresh & Wild is more or less an expensive convenience store for those with more money than time.

      1. I saw the sign on the window yesterday. I'm really disappointed. When Nunzio closed suddenly and put up a sign listing the nearest Bruno's locations, I had hoped that Bruno's might be reopening there. (The store was originally a Bruno's and Nunzio is related to him.) The store was not shut down for arrears and was never openly advertised for lease.

        Nunzio's housemade hot and frozen foods were never very good. While he teamed up at various times with people such as Dinah Koo and Andy Shay, it never seemed to work out. However, the deli items and salads were much better than the Toronto norm and the cheeses, bakery, and grocery items were very well edited. The meat was also good, but I suspect Cumbrae's killed him.

        Unless this Fresh & Wild is a big upgrade from the existing ones, why not just go to the very decent Valu Mart (open 'til midnight) a couple of blocks away?

        1. Hotter? I think not. Here is my experience at King & Spadina.

          The only people who religiously shop there are the types that couldn't cook if their lives depended on it - aka, grab something prepared (and overpriced for that matter, $5 for a grilled chicken breast!) and nuke it. Produce is garbage, the lineups are stupidly long and the cashiers are bitchy. Have fun shopping there!

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          1. re: turkish335

            i have heard horrible things about Nunzios that was there previous - they recycled meats that didn't sell by cooking them and serving them up in deli, served questionable burgers at charity events on the street, etc. i know F&W King/Spadina caters to the condo dwellers by offering the least amounth of quality for the highest dollar, but in the UK i LOVED F&W - then again, they had Marks and Spencer and Pret a Manger and everything in between to compete with. Either way, will be interested to see what they do on Bayview - they won't get far with bitchy cashiers, knowing how bithcy the ladies of the area are already...

            and i can say this because i was raised by one ;)

            1. re: LemonLauren

              I don't know if they still work there but the older Asian woman and the older Caucasian woman are both very friendly and great to deal with. Look for them if you have to shop there for stuff.

              And yes the valu mart has nothing to fear from fresh and wild I don't think!
              The ONLY area where they might compete are in small niches like gluten-free or vegan or other dietary niches.

              1. re: LemonLauren

                Nunzio was obviously very difficult to work for, or with. He tried to pawn off frozen dinners made with small, bony chicken thighs as containing boneless breasts. He sold lovely rare roast beef, but also sold rare brisket, which was positively unreal. I can't say I ever liked him.

                However, the store had useful stuff and the prices, while above average, were not grotesque across the board. I don't see anything wrong with cooking unsold meats instead of throwing them away. I won't miss Nunzio, but a Bruno's would be much more appealing than a Fresh & Wild.

            2. dont see how this will survive with all the better shops along bayview..