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Road trip from Tampa to Asheville: Where 2 Eat????

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I'll be making a road trip from Tampa to Asheville March 5th through March 9th and was looking for the best of the best to eat at in Asheville and anywhere along the drive up (or back). Looking for reasonably priced restaurants. Going to Truffle Fest, so the high end eats will be taken care of.
I am good for anything: road side, back woods, down home. Not much we don't or won't eat. I am also a Southern girl, so I am looking forward to some good Southern comfort food and some NC BBQ.

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  1. Bring me some Blackened Grouper from Keegans. Thx.

    1. I wish everyone could experience the brunch buffet at The Grove Park Inn at least once in their life.

      1. I am sure you will find more than a few recommendations for 12 Bones in the River District for BBQ. I think the owners are originally from Texas, but they do a fine job. Truffle Fest looks interesting.

        1. Oh, and another thing. While you are at truffle fest you should try the chocolate truffles offered at The Chocolate Fetish in downtown Asheville. They are the best chocolatiers I have found in the Southeast. The Ecstasy truffles are so decadent. I think what sets them apart is the subtlety of the ganache and the high quality chocolate blends they use. My favorites are the Ancient Pleasures (a blend of spiciness and sweetness), Champagne, and Dragon's Kiss ( a hint of wasabi). Visiting the store is a great experience and you can see the chocolate being made from windows in the back of the store. Enjoy.

          1. I'm a huge fan of an Asheville Latin American fusion place called Salsa's - oddball combos like lamb, goat cheese and banana empanadas. Always crowded. Always order off the specials menu.

            1. When I travel between the two areas I try to stop in the Atlanta area for a visit to Dekalb Farmers Market. This is actually a huge indoor international food market. Prices and selection are great. There is also a hot bar and a salad bar which are fresh, frequently replenished and delicious at a very reasonable price. The selections range from traditional southern vegetables to goat curry to samosa's to....the only thing lacking is atmosphere.

              This is also a good stop for coffee and pastry and a clean restroom.


              Eat before you shop!