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Feb 16, 2009 01:08 PM

Hints on Food Shopping and Markets in Aruba?

I'm going to be renting a house in Aruba next week. I would like to check out local ingredients, markets, etc. Do you have any leads for me on the best shops and markets to explore? Or any resources where I might find more info on buying the best ingredients while I'm in Aruba?

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  1. since i'm assuming you are back by now, and noone else has chimed in, do you have any tips/hints to share? :-)

    1. Since I reside in the Dutch Caribbean may I say that it's great to but Indonesian spices and of course cheese? I have shopped at Lings in Aruba.

      1. We shop at Lings and Kong Hing. We try Ling's first but there are some things at Kong you can't get at Lings and vice versa. The container comes in on Thursday so milk is usually available on Friday as well as the shelves stocked up. Go down to Certified (they're all in the same area) to Huchada Bakery for some of the best raisin bread I've ever had. Very moist. I don't like Certified itself but Huchada is next to it.