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Feb 16, 2009 12:50 PM

What to do with leftover honey chicken?

Last night we broiled some skinless chicken thighs and legs ... it was supposed to be a spicy, honey glazed type recipe, but it turned out bland and weird textured. Another experiment in the culinary arts gone awry.... I want to use the leftovers in something else ... like a soup/stew maybe? Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Prepare a cold marinade (oil, vinegar, herbs, spices, etc. - anything that might double as a salad dressing)) and cut the chicken into strips that run with the grain. Warm the marinade and let the chicken rest in it, in the refrigerator, for an hour or so before adding it to a nice cirsp salad with some toasted pine nuts.

    1. Or how about a chicken salad as in the mayo-added type to make chiken salad sandwiches with.

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        Thanks guys... I'm looking for something WARM. And funny, I'm eating a nice salad with Chèvre and pine nuts for lunch! ;)

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          Goats milk cheese does not a chicken salad make ;-}
          But it does sound good.

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            Yeah ... I have issues with the mayo and meat salads. The texture is odd!
            I could totally swim in Chèvre though... its like savory ice cream to my palate. And sadly, its not going to mesh with my sweet chicken leftovers. :(

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            I had some leftover chicken and artichoke hearts done in the slow cooker that weren't that impressive. I made soup calling it Kitchen Sink Soup because I put everything in it but the kitchen sink. It probably had 20-25 ingredients! I just kept adding things til it tasted like I wanted it to. And I kept the broth to a minimum so it was between and soup and stew in consistency.

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              Yeah ... that "Peasant Soup" (my name for it!) may be the way to go... I was thinking beans (like chili) ... they will go with that honey part. Its the thing that is making me rack my face over what to do with it ... the chicken is quite sweet.

        2. I would do a star fry, since it had honey, add some asian spices, hoisin, soy some red peppers, onions, water chesnuts chicken diced up, maybe some bok choy, shitaki mushrooms, scallions and a little chicken broth to make a sauce, some red pepper to give it some heat and then serve over chow mein or rice, your choice.

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              thx always good, even a good sandwich with some arugula, good melted gruyere and mix some honey mayo and mustard to bring out the honey flavor, Add some grilled or sauteed onions and presto.