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Feb 16, 2009 12:28 PM

Mexican Sunday Brunch in San Gabriel Valley?

Besides Acapulco, El Torito, and Margarita's where else can I go for a Mexican Sunday brunch in the San Gabriel Valley? Thanks!

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  1. El Cholo on Fair Oaks has a good Sunday Brunch

    El Cholo Pasadena
    958 South Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105

    1. La Cabanita in Montrose on Verdugo has a great breakfast menu. (818) 957-2711 If you mean buffet brunch, then this isn't the place.

      1. Something tells me you're not asking about giant bowls of menudo or great birria dives. It's a little turistico, but El Cielito Lindo in South El Monte has a tolerable buffet on Sunday mornings, the usual brunch beverages and one of the better mariachi shows this side of the border - it's actually owned by the band.

        1. Mijares in Pasadena does a nice spread.

          1. Peppers in Arcadia by the race track. Brunch is under $9 and you get your choice of entree and 3 glasses of champagne or OJ.

            181 Colorado Place
            Arcadia, CA 91006