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Feb 16, 2009 12:24 PM

best place to buy whole duck in westside?

kind of not into driving into chinatown to get a duck and want to know if there's anything outside of the whole foods/whatever of the world.
i know ranch99 in gardena has cheap duck for roasting, but i'm looking for something less south bay and more west la.
thanks in advance!

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  1. Bristol Farms. I bought one for Valentines day and it was great!

    1. Got 2 from Vons actually, 18 bucks each, had enough fat and meat to confit and make cassoulet for 20 people...

      1. I have tried all places on westside. Wholefoods, Bristol, vendors in Farmers Market (Fairfax/3rd) and most of which are supplied by Grimaud Farms.

        I still buy mine from Ranch 99. From what I know for sure, Ranch 99 ducks are not frozen. I have tried pre-frozen duck from Wholefoods. Bleh.

        Might help if you let me know how you intend to cook it. Cos if you want to do Cantonese roast or Teo Chew braised, I would avoid the Muscovy (oh so fancy) ducks. Btw, Peking Duck ain't Muscovy either.

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