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Apr 14, 2004 05:13 AM

Love's BBQ Rib Sauce?

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As a displaced Angeleno, fond memories of the Baby Back Ribs from Love's Woodpit BBQ come creeping back. I've heard there are only a few locations left. Does anyone have the rib sauce recipe? I remember the ribs having a honey based sauce with a sort of pickling spice in it (bay leaves, etc.). I've bought their bottled sauce on the net, but this isn't what they used on their ribs. They had great bbq beans and cole slaw as well.

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  1. Love's has/had the worst Q I ever tasted.

    End of story!

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    1. re: tondra

      I seems that Chris liked it.
      Maybe you shouldn't end your story, but educate us.

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        I think these posts say a lot about perception and memory...It seems that those who posted positive notes about Love's remember the place from their childhood, as do I. When I was 6 years old (since you mentioned first grade) I was hospitalized for 6 weeks with a bacterial infection. Upon release I requested two things: 1) a Vacu-Form (anyone remember those?) and 2) dinner at Love's. I got both things and loved both. Love's was hands-down my favorite place to eat.

        Years later, as an adult, I was hard pressed to remember what I had loved so much about Love's as a child. Kind of like going back to a place and remembering it as having been much larger than it actually is. I was convinced the place had changed for the worst, particularly with regard to the BBQ (beans and slaw still good), but now I think I just liked it better when I was 6 years old.

        Perhaps it was a sauce that particularly appealed to the child's palate.

      2. Say what you want about the BBQ (I also LOVEd it as a kid growing up), but the cole slaw was hands-down THE BEST EVER. Most cole slaws are insipid, overly sweet concoctions. Love's on the other hand, was not only tangy, but actually a bit spicy. Celery seeds had something to do with it, but the dressing itself was simply perfect.

        The bbq beans, which had chunks of meat (pork?) for flavor, were also outstanding.

        I really miss it.

        1. You can buy the sauce online.


          1. Just goes to show that nostalgia is the most powerful flavor enhancer there is. Sorry -- I don't have a source for the rib sauce or marinade, but I'll keep my eye out for it, and if you run across a recipe for the beef soo chow they used to serve at Ah Fongs, let me know!

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              David, have you *still* not found the Beef Soo Chow recipe? I know I haven't. Didn't Lord Lipitor say that he had a direct line to the Ah Fong's heiress? I guess that didn't pan out. Well, let's both keep up the search.

            2. Been going to Love's for about 45 years.

              Initially the Encino location, which is long gone. The west L.A. (on Pico) location is now an RJ's, I believe, the Rosemead (Rosemead at I-10) is now something else, the West Covina (Grand at I-10) is now someone else's 'Q joint; the Riverside location was terrible the last time we ate there.

              But in their hey day, the were very good. As a BBQ chain, in fact, they were exceptional. Their baby-backs with that sweetish glaze, the wonderful short ribs, golden, succulent chicken, sliced beef and pork, oustanding coleslaw recipe and the beans with bits of bbq'd meat were great. How many 'Q joints can anyone say did as well with both the meat and the sides?

              The Mrs. and I liked to hang in the bar in the West Covina branch until they folded. Nice, cozy bar, a game on the TV, sippin' a few beers and eat'n 'Q. Life was always better, "in the old days".

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              1. re: Chino Wayne

                West L.A. location on Pico is now a car dealership after languishing unused for quite a long time. Prime property, too.

                1. re: Chino Wayne

                  I don't remember the Encino location but there were 3 other locations in the valley that we just 'love'd; Woodland Hills, Devonshire and Mason, and on Balboa near Devonshire.