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Feb 16, 2009 11:53 AM

Asian Market near Wicker Park

can anybody suggest an asian market on the near west side... river west / wicker park / ukranian village...

looking for produce, proteins, condiments, etc

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  1. They tend to cluster around Asian centers, with very few exceptions. The closest I can think of is at the Northbound offramp on the Kennedy at Kimball (just North of Belmont).

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    1. re: ferret

      Jong Boo (sp?)
      Chicago Food Corp. Great joint.

      1. re: gordeaux

        Yeah, in case that didn't make sense: Jong Boo is the official name of the place, but the signs all say Chicago Food Corp. It's a really great store that really packs in a lot of stuff. The cafe is really fantastic, too. Parking, though...sigh.

        3333 N Kimball Ave

        Chicago Food Corporation
        3333 N Kimball Ave, Chicago, IL

    2. If you want the mega-experience then I'd recommend venturing out to H-Mart in Niles.

      1. Chicago Food Corp is the mecca of Korean food supplies and is really all you need. However, if you want to travel a little farther north to K-town you can find additional grocery stores on Lawrence and Bryn Mawr.